Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to Basics

I purchased Christina Aguilera's new CD, Back To Basics last week and I can say that it sounds new and better than her previous work. It's a combination of jazz, pop & rock. The styles and the musicality of the album were good. I purchased the CD at Php 560.00, I think the price is worth it because it is a 2-cd album, the 2nd CD was an enhanced CD. When I asked the saleslady what's with an enhanced cd, she told me that it can be played on the computer. When I played the 2nd CD, it was only a video of journey on how the album was created, from recording to pictorials. But when I was searching for the tracks or sound files, I couldn't find it, only the video was searchable. Maybe the folder was hidden, I'll try to search it again. Actually, in the 1st cd, it has 13 tracks and the 2nd one has 9 songs, so 22 in all. I copied the songs from the 1st cd to my computer in the office. I think it's okay because according to the IT group of the company, only legal mp3s were allowed and the songs were copied from an original CD. Well back to the album, my favorite songs are 'Still Dirty' and 'Hurt'. I think the first was the second installment of her previous song 'Get Dirrty'. The album also include lots of her pictures, not just pictures but hot and sexy pics, really good to view. :)

Here's a review from Lucy Davies of BBC
Christina AguileraBack to Basics(BMG)

Christina Aguilera's back, flexing her formidable vocal cords on double album, "Back to Basics". First-off, she goes "back to the old groove", talking about all the soul greats that she listened to as a child (Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald), and singing over some 'vintage' samples, with varying results. There are still modern-day self referential lyrics, such as "Still Dirrty", where she goes on the attack to defend her slutty image, and "Thank You (dedication to fans)", which quickly turns into a dedication to Xtina, with vox-pops of fans gushing "You're so amazing", "You inspired me to carry on living..." Ick! On the second cd she merges full-throttle vocals into songs styled from the 1920s, including 12 bar blues and close vocal harmonies. Sometimes this works well, like "Trouble", where she successfully turns the volume and intensity down from 11 to somewhere like 5, and "Candyman". Then she breaks into the ballad box, name-checking Jesus and singing to her husband ("The Right Man") towards the album's close. There's no doubt that Christina's got a stunning voice, but stylistically she could be more varied, simply by cutting out some of the "y-e-e-eeeh, woah yeh's" on the second album. Whilst some songs like "Oh Mother" might mean a lot to some, those with the tiresome self defence lyrics should go - when she gets on with the singing, there's nothing to prove.


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