Thursday, August 17, 2006

June and July Movies!

It's almost two months since I updated my blog. I just trasnferred to a new environment, details will be on the next blog item. Anyway, movies for this two Js are mixed of substance and formula.
1. The Omen - June 06 (06.06.06) SM Megamall - The little devil was portrayed really nice, the eyes on that child really speak a lot, you will see the evil in those eyes even without saying a word. The story was quite simple but the attack on each scene was superb. The location (which I think in UK) was perfect, a big house in a big city, the church and the embassy building was quite perfect. I was really saddened by the ending of the story because the evil won. The story can be compared or should I say, have similarity with Final Destination movie. In this film, the death of the characters can be traced thru the pictures.
2. Superman Returns - June 29 : SM Megamall - I was on vacation on this day, I can say it was a part of my terminal leave days with PCCI. I was arranging all the clearance on this day and in short, I was alone. So I decided to watch this at around 2 pm so that I can be sure that the movie houses will not be full. This version was quite okay, but not that good. But I am giving a nod and a thumbs up on the special effects. Whew! It was really fascinating and lot of action scenes. My favorite scene was the great rescue on the plane. Only when I was watching the film noticed that Kevin Spacey was the VILLAIN! He's one of my favorite actors. He was really good acting as the contravida or I must say contravido? Hehehehe... The new Superman quite impressive and the looks really fit on his character.
3. Pirates of the Carribean - The Dead Man's Chest - July 15 : SM Megamall - I love this film... but... I hate the ending, in short it was 'BITIN'. But the action sequence and the comedic acting of Johnny Depp was really entertaining, he was very convincing in his role. That's why there's no question why he garnered an Oscar nomination from the same role on it's first part. Take note of the effects, it was also good and perfectly pictured! Jerry Bruckheimer did not disappoint me once again. Each scene was spectacular like you are watching a fantasy, comedy, and action film in one motion picture! The twist wasn't quite impressive but the editing and the screenplay was fine. I really enjoyed the battle and war scenes. Hmmm.. favorite scene? The fight scene on the wheel!
4. Lady In The Water - July 22 : SM Megamall - I was very disappointed with this fim. I thought this was very scaring, I almost felt sleepy upon viewing this motion picture. I watched this film because I love Sixth Sense and The Village, great film and great story! But with this, haaaaaaayyy, sana natulog na lang ako. There was no suspense, no frightening creatures, bad screenplay but the only good thing was the acting of a certain Chinese girl, really cute and she was the entertainment of the film for me! The sound effects were not scary and not a single strand of my hair stood up. This is a corny pic!
5. The Break-up - July 29 : SM Megamall - This was a nice movie, although the ending wasn't quite good, the storyline and the screenplay was okay and the actors were great! The saddest part of the story was when they met again after few months then greeted each other and accepting that a reunion between them shouldn't be expected. Such a different kind of love story. I also enjoyed the quarrel scenes, the ways they did to hurt each other, the jealousy and lies. The film also tackled the pathways of breaking up, on how to cope up and to move on after the storm. My favorite part? It was when Brooke walked without any clothes just to tease her ex!
6. Sukob - July 30 : SM Megamall - Hahaha... I have an officemate which I call now Sukob... ahihihi... Anyway, the film was really frightening, really scary. The sound effects and make up were excellent! Direk Roño did it again, after Feng Shui (which I also enjoyed), this one is scarrier. Kudos to the great performances of Baretto, Valdez and Anson-Roa. But I noticed some editing that wasn't right, can't remember what was it. But in overall, the film was really good! My favorite part? The death of Mrs. Yap! Wahahahahaha!!!


~Shell~ said...

Lady in the Water.... 2 hours I'll never get back! waaaaa!

frecklesspeckles said...

hoy kuliti! ako ba 'tong sinasabi mong officemate na tinatawag mo nang "Sukob"? :) Welcome to blogspot!

pst, may spam ka na sa comments!

frecklesspeckles said...

btw, u can use bloglines to monitor new posts sa blogs na sinusubaybayan mo. very useful tool. :)

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