Friday, August 18, 2006

What's Up?

It's almost one month and a half since I left, hmmm... a lot of names : Provident Computer Consultants Inc., a wholy owned subsidy of Pinkerton Computer Consultants Inc which was acquired by KForce, so what it's name now? Not sure, but I love to call it PCCI. I learned a lot from that company, gained more experiences especially in work, I had my eye stye (kuliti) event in that company, danced an Indian song and most especially... met new friends! Naks! But really, I am truly thankful that I became a part of the PCCI family. Okay, tama na drama...
Now I'm in the world's leading banking software provider, MISYS Banking Systems! (grabe introduction)... Better computer, wider cubicle, free tissue, free softdrinks (kahit di ako masyado mahilig), free soap (panghugas ng tasa), and most important, unlimited Sick Leave! Wahahahaha!!! Seriously, I think, so far, it is better here.
But you know what, I had a big problem on my first day with Misys! Hehehe... Familiar with ABS-CBN's Deal or No Deal? Hahahaha. They texted me to come to their office on July 3 at 10 AM for a screening to get a chance to be a DoND contestant! Wahahaha... Yeah, I registered to join (nakakahiya ba?). Here's the exact text message I received:
"KDoND : May chans k 2b a Kapamilya Deal or No Deal contestant!Ur invited 2 come 2 ABSCBN QC on Mon 7/03/06 at 10am 4a screening.Mgdla ng valid ID.Dnt erase ds msg."
So I told to myself that I have to make a decision that I will not regret for my entire life, hahahaha, alas! I came to the office late on my first day because of thinking. But there will always be a lot of chance, but being absent on the first day of work? I don't think so I can do that. The first day was a whole day of Technical Training and take note, free food! From breakfast to merienda. This company is really big, with I think has branches in 28 countries and has clients in 120 nations. At first, I had difficulty because the framework was really big and I have to learn new things. Good thing I have a buddy, my manager assigned him to teach me and entertain my questions for at least one month. In fairness, I think it was an effective system (the buddy system) because now, I think I have learned 80% of what I should learn, anyway, a two week framework training is still ahead so I can still learn and learn and learn all about our product.

After a few weeks with Misys, an eye stye attacked me! (leche, 2 years in a row in the same month!) It was really big and thank God there is a clinic inside the office so that I can consult a doctor on what drug to take. He prescribed me an antibiotic and I can say it was effective. By the way I went to Gold's Gym in Tower One to check the place so that I can decide if i will really transfer to that fitness center. And you know what?! I was really disappointed! so small space, few equipments, small locker room, and take note, you have to bring your own padlock! So pobre! And puro pa kalawang! But I don't think that other Gold's Gym branch was also like that. Actually the branch in Tower One Makati is called Gold's Gym Express. Eventhough, I don't think I will transfer to that gym, I am looking for a gym that is near in the office but not that kind of kadiri place. So, to Fitness First, I must stickwitu!


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