Thursday, October 26, 2006

Add / Minus

It all started with this kind of trash: (hehehe)

Last night, 25th of October, we had a dinner in CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) located in Glorietta. It was fun but mixed with sadness. Ivy (matured as we call her) celebrated her 26th (26 nga ba or 29) birthday. Plus 1 to her age.

She had her new haircut and I think she looks great. Maybe because she was with her boyfriend Sonny and she wanted to be the most beautiful girl in his eyes! Wahahaha!!!

It was also a despedida party for Ann as she will be leaving on Friday (27th of October) for US, she will be assigned in Northwest Airlines office for six months.

It was such a sad feeling, we will really miss PBB (Pinay Big Boss as Tong call her). Also present that night were Ober, Miles, Nayds, Tong and Chichi!

Allan was absent, he was so busy reviewing for SCJP! Hehehehe...
Ooooopppsss... Addition pics from Ms. Ivy:

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Week That Was

October 9 - Left handed Caloy

When I woke up, I can't move my right hand that much, so I decided not to workout that day. It was so hard to take a bath and eat using my left hand. At first, I was hesitant to go to office but I decided to work. In the office, I used my left hand doing the codes and it was so difficult. I was not productive that day. I also went home early to rest.

October 10 - Obesefriend was hired

On this day, I can freely move my right hand again. thank God! Wendel texted me this day saying that he will be having his final interview for TelePerformance at 10 PM! Wahahaha! So we met again in SM Megamall and we had dinner and made him kwento the pangyayaris in TelePerformance. And that night, he passed the final interview and will be having his job orientation on the 13th of October.

October 11 - Bowling Day

Since we will have a departmental sportsfest in Misys, I decided to make a practice in bowling since I was assigned in that sports. I texted Nene (I used to call her that but her real name is Kristine. We were good friends since high school) to join me and she agreed instantly. So we met in SM Megamall (Megamall na naman?! Pakialam mo?!!!) but we had dinner first in Almon Marina.

The food was great but the service was not that good. We waited for almost 30 minutes for burger and fries! Imagine that! Anyway, just to ease the asar, we headed to the Bowling Center of the mall and we played competing each other. Unfortunately, I was a loser. See the scores? Huh?
Nene love to pose in front of the camera so kahit labag sa kalooban ko, I took her pictures! But we had fun! For sure, mauulit yun!

October 12 - Sportsfest Day

We left the office at 11 AM and we used my TL's car to go to Philippine Columbin Association in Manila (bait ng TL ko no?!). We first had our lunch and take note, I didn't have rice. Still I want to implement the "No Rice Policy" for me. Our department was divided into two groups and here is my team:

We played human domino, battleship and game of the generals. Then we headed to the badminton to swim, hehehe... of course to play badminton but I did not played because it's not my forte... wahehehe... Then to the bowling center and to my dismay, the bowling shoes were dirty! So I decided not to play (kaarte ko no?!).

In the end, we lose. I went home with a 100 peso Starbucks gift cheque.

October 13 - Pow Wow or Sale?

This was the day when our office held Moonlight Pow-Wow but obviously, I did not attend it because I have other important things to do, SHOPPING! Hahaha.. Sale kasi sa SM Megamall eh (Megamall na naman?! Pakialam mo?!) Wendel and I met again (Wendel na naman?! E kasi nga galing syang orientation sa Ortigas di ba?! So nagkita na lang kame!!!). We had our dinner in Red Ribbon because I want to eat cake that day and again, I treated my obesefriend and obviously, he was VERY happy to eat! Then I bought Van Heusen polo and dri-fit shirts from Toby's sports (pang workout ung shirts). Then I was tired so we decided to go to Starbucks (naku, nahihilig na ako sa kape ah!) to rest and make kwentuhan with mataba. Then we went home at around 11PM because I planned to come back the next day to shop again! Hahaha... sinamantala yung Sale eh no?!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Diet Another Day

October 4 was such a long day for me, lots of work and gimmick at night and take note, it was Wednesday. I was doing my debugging task when I received a message from my obesefriend saying that he was in clientlogic (ata). He was applying for a call center agent! Hahaha... The heck, before he was making "api" to the TSR people now he is applying to that position. The Karma talaga. hehehe... Anyway that was in the morning and in the afternoon he was in HSBC naman here in Makati, specifically in PBCom Tower. So while he was doing his pakitang gilas to the HR people, I continued doing my office jobs, grabe so much work that time and the makukulit clients, they were ruining my day. My obesefriend was sending me text messages but I was in a departmental meeting that time so I won't able to check my Chikka, (hehehe... he doesn't know I was using Chikka). When I returned to my workstation he told me that he was waiting me in the office reception, he decided to wait me until 9:30pm. Imagine, he did that just to wait for me, grabe 9:30pm???? Why? Again, I was fully loaded of work that time.
Then we headed directly to SM Megamall to have dinner, of course I treated him because so kakahiya naman because he waited me ng matagal, and I know what will make him happy that time eh, ang palamunin sya! Hehehehe...

We ordered of course and to my surprise, ang dami ng naorder namin! Grabe that was definitely a bad day for my diet, so I ate na rin and told to myself the title of this entry. We were not able to make ubos the foods because it was so dami talaga!
We were also surprised that Octoberfest opening was held that day so we got the chance to make halubilo to those feeling rockista, mukhang rockista and addict rockista. But we didn't get the chance to make lapit to the stage so we went na lang to Starbucks to have coffee. I think we stayed there for at least 1AM, and take note, I still need to wake up 5:30 AM to workout.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Magic Sing and CDs

I had a date with my mom and our bunso last Sunday, September 1. We bought Magic Sing! Wahahaha! Finally I can sing out loud again! Hahahaha. Anyway, I bought 2 CDs in Tower Records. Both Pop/Rock with element of R&B.
1. Beyonce Knowles (B-Day) - I can say that this 2nd album of her is more powerful than the previous one. She released this album on her birthday (maybe that explained the title of the album... hehehe...). It is more hiphop and more edgy. I think she is consistent in doing songs with theme of women empowerment. Although I know that theme is not my type, hehehe, I still enjoyed her music. Love the pictures inside the album, not that too sexy but the colors and styles were nice. Back to music, I enjoyed 'Deja Vu', a song with her boyfriend Jay Z. She has proven again her strenght in doing R&B songs with mixture of hiphop. I also loved 'Irreplaceable', a song about breaking up and overcoming such situation. Really cool album!

2. Justin Timberlake (Future Sex/Love Sound) - Whoa! Love this album too! That's why I am not wondering it topped the Singles and Album chart in the US. The edgy songs of Timbaland is present in this CD. The current single 'Sexyback' is such a huge hit and I enjoy listening to it. My favorite track is 'What Goes Around...'. Love the element of Pop/Rock with mixture of R&B and Dance factor. This is his second solo album and he is improving in song selection. His voice is something unique because I can't compare it to other male singers. Actually, I am listening to his album while doing this post. Recommend this to you guys!

Monday, October 9, 2006

Mystery and Action

Month of September was such a lonely movie month for me, why? I have watched only 2 movies for that month! It was because the movies shown on this months were not that good and interesting. But still, I enjoyed the two movies I watched. Let's start the review.

1. The Wicker Man - September 6 - SM Megamall - It was an interesting story but I some parts of the direction were not satisfying. The movie was successful in giving the audience an unpredictable screenplay, you will really be guessing on what will happen next. The film failed to scared the audience, it seems to be scary on some part but due to insufficient factors on sound production design, the movie wasn't that thrilling. But the story was really good, and I think it was based on a best selling novel. I really love the old twins, the way they deliver their dialogues simultaneously. Love the costumes of the villains. There was also a part of some nudity but it was justifiable. The movie also showed the other aspects of traditions of other clans and religions such as killing a wicker man!

2. Crank - September 17 - SM Mall Of Asia - Love this action and heart pumping film! Mr. Statham did it again! I was first amazed by him thru his movie 'The Transportation' and this film is definitely a mark of him. His action moves, style in fight scene and his comedic approach to some of the scenes. My favorite scene was the love scene in the middle of the Chinatown streets (Jason rocks! hahaha so naughty). I also loved the direction because it showed a different attack on the scenes, also the cinematography style was something new. Some of the comedy scenes were great! And I also loved the British accent of Jason...

Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Grabe the day that was... September 28, so strong winds with heavy rain! And take note, even if our office suspended the Manila operations, I chose to stay in the office up to 5 pm because I felt that it was safer inside the office than going outside and make my way home. From the office' windows, I clearly saw the great effect of that super typhoon! I managed to finish one service call (it means, another 2,500! hehehe) and by 5 pm I decided to went home. Fortunately, there was no rain that time and the winds were calm. I didn't have difficulty riding bus and jeepney but the most disgraced event on that day was the "blackout pehonomenon"! Kainis!!! We had our dinner (of course I only ate bread and water) using candlelight, and it was so difficult to eat that time.

My mother was also using candle to send text message to my dad informing of the situation we had that day.

Even inside the bathroom (I use to take a bath before sleeping and of course no picture! hehehe), I also used candles! Harrrrr.. so inconvenient, I can't play with the water because I was scared that I may hit the small light. Whoa! I can't imagine I managed to sleep without light! Grrrrr...
It was a good thing that the next day at about 8 am, the power resumed so hindi na masyadong nakakainis. Then that day I clearly realized the great destruction Mr. Milenyo did. The trees along Ayala were improperly dumped and the billboard in Estrella, was such an unfortunate scene (heard that the driver of the FX that was affected died).
Then yesterday, October 2, I said to myself that there will be no destructions in my way home. I decided to get out from the office at 9 pm so that I can be sure that riding bus and jeepney will be so easy. But I was definitely wrong. See the line? Nasa dulo ako! Haba ng pila at konti pa ang sasakyan!!!!

But I still thank the Lord for protecting me and my family. We were still lucky that we still have our home, a shelter for us and most of all, WALANG BAHA!!!! Thank you God!

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