Thursday, October 26, 2006

Add / Minus

It all started with this kind of trash: (hehehe)

Last night, 25th of October, we had a dinner in CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) located in Glorietta. It was fun but mixed with sadness. Ivy (matured as we call her) celebrated her 26th (26 nga ba or 29) birthday. Plus 1 to her age.

She had her new haircut and I think she looks great. Maybe because she was with her boyfriend Sonny and she wanted to be the most beautiful girl in his eyes! Wahahaha!!!

It was also a despedida party for Ann as she will be leaving on Friday (27th of October) for US, she will be assigned in Northwest Airlines office for six months.

It was such a sad feeling, we will really miss PBB (Pinay Big Boss as Tong call her). Also present that night were Ober, Miles, Nayds, Tong and Chichi!

Allan was absent, he was so busy reviewing for SCJP! Hehehehe...
Ooooopppsss... Addition pics from Ms. Ivy:


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