Monday, October 16, 2006

Diet Another Day

October 4 was such a long day for me, lots of work and gimmick at night and take note, it was Wednesday. I was doing my debugging task when I received a message from my obesefriend saying that he was in clientlogic (ata). He was applying for a call center agent! Hahaha... The heck, before he was making "api" to the TSR people now he is applying to that position. The Karma talaga. hehehe... Anyway that was in the morning and in the afternoon he was in HSBC naman here in Makati, specifically in PBCom Tower. So while he was doing his pakitang gilas to the HR people, I continued doing my office jobs, grabe so much work that time and the makukulit clients, they were ruining my day. My obesefriend was sending me text messages but I was in a departmental meeting that time so I won't able to check my Chikka, (hehehe... he doesn't know I was using Chikka). When I returned to my workstation he told me that he was waiting me in the office reception, he decided to wait me until 9:30pm. Imagine, he did that just to wait for me, grabe 9:30pm???? Why? Again, I was fully loaded of work that time.
Then we headed directly to SM Megamall to have dinner, of course I treated him because so kakahiya naman because he waited me ng matagal, and I know what will make him happy that time eh, ang palamunin sya! Hehehehe...

We ordered of course and to my surprise, ang dami ng naorder namin! Grabe that was definitely a bad day for my diet, so I ate na rin and told to myself the title of this entry. We were not able to make ubos the foods because it was so dami talaga!
We were also surprised that Octoberfest opening was held that day so we got the chance to make halubilo to those feeling rockista, mukhang rockista and addict rockista. But we didn't get the chance to make lapit to the stage so we went na lang to Starbucks to have coffee. I think we stayed there for at least 1AM, and take note, I still need to wake up 5:30 AM to workout.


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