Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Magic Sing and CDs

I had a date with my mom and our bunso last Sunday, September 1. We bought Magic Sing! Wahahaha! Finally I can sing out loud again! Hahahaha. Anyway, I bought 2 CDs in Tower Records. Both Pop/Rock with element of R&B.
1. Beyonce Knowles (B-Day) - I can say that this 2nd album of her is more powerful than the previous one. She released this album on her birthday (maybe that explained the title of the album... hehehe...). It is more hiphop and more edgy. I think she is consistent in doing songs with theme of women empowerment. Although I know that theme is not my type, hehehe, I still enjoyed her music. Love the pictures inside the album, not that too sexy but the colors and styles were nice. Back to music, I enjoyed 'Deja Vu', a song with her boyfriend Jay Z. She has proven again her strenght in doing R&B songs with mixture of hiphop. I also loved 'Irreplaceable', a song about breaking up and overcoming such situation. Really cool album!

2. Justin Timberlake (Future Sex/Love Sound) - Whoa! Love this album too! That's why I am not wondering it topped the Singles and Album chart in the US. The edgy songs of Timbaland is present in this CD. The current single 'Sexyback' is such a huge hit and I enjoy listening to it. My favorite track is 'What Goes Around...'. Love the element of Pop/Rock with mixture of R&B and Dance factor. This is his second solo album and he is improving in song selection. His voice is something unique because I can't compare it to other male singers. Actually, I am listening to his album while doing this post. Recommend this to you guys!


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