Monday, October 9, 2006

Mystery and Action

Month of September was such a lonely movie month for me, why? I have watched only 2 movies for that month! It was because the movies shown on this months were not that good and interesting. But still, I enjoyed the two movies I watched. Let's start the review.

1. The Wicker Man - September 6 - SM Megamall - It was an interesting story but I some parts of the direction were not satisfying. The movie was successful in giving the audience an unpredictable screenplay, you will really be guessing on what will happen next. The film failed to scared the audience, it seems to be scary on some part but due to insufficient factors on sound production design, the movie wasn't that thrilling. But the story was really good, and I think it was based on a best selling novel. I really love the old twins, the way they deliver their dialogues simultaneously. Love the costumes of the villains. There was also a part of some nudity but it was justifiable. The movie also showed the other aspects of traditions of other clans and religions such as killing a wicker man!

2. Crank - September 17 - SM Mall Of Asia - Love this action and heart pumping film! Mr. Statham did it again! I was first amazed by him thru his movie 'The Transportation' and this film is definitely a mark of him. His action moves, style in fight scene and his comedic approach to some of the scenes. My favorite scene was the love scene in the middle of the Chinatown streets (Jason rocks! hahaha so naughty). I also loved the direction because it showed a different attack on the scenes, also the cinematography style was something new. Some of the comedy scenes were great! And I also loved the British accent of Jason...


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