Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Papa is Back!

My father is finally home! (even for just two months). He will back again to Riyadh on the 16th of January but we are still happy thinking that we will celebrate Christmas and New Year together!

He is going back go the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to finish his last one year contract and I told him that he can rest after finishing it. He is already 50 and I want to him to relax, maybe we could just put up a small business here and I'm giving him the planning strategy for that. He arrived the day after my mother's 50th birthday. We are planning to visit our relatives in Cebu on the 14th of December. Grabe ang hirap magpabook ng ganitong season! But fortunately my sister found a travel agency that booked us to Philippine Airlines in a cheap price. Whew!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Double B Celebration

Last Sunday (19Nov06), we held a big celebration in our home called 'The Double B celebration'. It was double B because it was a birthday celebration and baptismal day! Actually, the main root of celebration was my mother's 50th birthday. She told me that her wish is to baptise the two kids of our neighbor and a child from my 'pamangkin sa tiya'. At first, I was hesitant to spend for those reasons but I realized that it was a good thing helping others to welcome their children in the world of Christianity. So there came the plan, first I designed the invitation card (I'm not really good in designing).

Afterwards, my mom went to the church to register the kids and to pay the necessary fees for the baptismal. Then we planned the foods to prepare and hired a cook to monitor and do the entire phases of cooking. The day before the big day, my mom and I went to grocery to buy the required things and other spices for the foods. Thank God that the cook we hired was the best! Hehehe... sarap kumain!

On the day of the celebration, what we did first thing in the morning was to prepare the kids that will be baptised. Then we went to the church and witnessed the event. (Kulang pics dito kasi di ko nakunan yung isang bininyagan...)

The birthday celebration came next, in the afternoon, there were so many kids, imagine 3 kids were celebrating their birthday in our small house, nakupo! My mother's visitors mostly came at night.

Well, it was a tiring day and... sobrang nakakabutas ng bulsa! Hehehe...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Once Again

Last Sunday, 12th of November, after 7 hours of overtime work in the office, I went directly to a record bar to purchase John Legend's new album, Once Again. I became a fan of him since his song 'Ordinary People' which I used to sing a lot! Hehehe... Regarding the album, I love it! Really my type of music, R&B soul! His first single, 'Save Room' became an instant favorite of mine. Actually, as of writing, I have memorized it's lyrics. Upon listening on the album, I think that he pours so much of himself into each one of these songs, whether they're about flings with groupies or breakups with long-term girlfriends, that the album can begin to wear around the eighth track. The songs flit back and forth between easygoing, butterflies-of-love-type sentiments and deep drama, with both sides expressed through similar levels of intensity. It has full of emotions and a great musicality!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

October Movies

The month of October was a busy month for me, busy in work, celebrations and extra activities. But I always make sure that I have time for movies! Let's review the movies I have watched for the 2nd BER month in SM Megamall.

1. Pulse - October 7- So far, this is the worst movie I have seen this year. The story was not constructed in the way that it will be understandble and the movie' screenplay was not that good. Most of the times, yes, we screamed (I was with my high school friends) but it was not because of katatakutan, puro panggugulat lang! The story plot was not even clear, the effects and sounds were not even studied very well. I don't know but I just don't like this movie. I can't even remember the face of the lead characters.

2. The Departed - October 22- The story was quite familiar, two investigators, one good, one bad. The one was doing an undercover tasks and one covering a crime leader who happened to be his known father. But what I like about this film is that the attack on each scenes made by the director was something different. Maybe the acting expertise of the actors contributed a lot. SUch an ordinary plot but the element of mystery was there, the crime, hide and seek factor, revealing dark secrets and revenge. This is an interesting movie.

3. The Prestige - October 30- This film is brilliant! A different kind of story. I can say that this is one of the best films for the year. The major key of the story is about revenge and obsession. Each of the scenes were clearly plotted and I was moved by the emotions shown by the actor on always being the best. Beating one another just to be the greatest. I love the idea of giving a conflict on magic and science. All of the casts were superb! Two thumbs up!

Monday, November 6, 2006


On 26th of October, we celebrated Charlie Boy's (Vicefriend) Birthday, Wendel called me up and he insisted to meet us including Maret and Charlie in SM Megamall. I think Wendel did not have that convincing power that day because Charlie did not show up and told him that he is shy because it was his birthday and maybe he was thinking that we were expecting a treat from him. It was Wendel's idea to celebrate Charlie's birthday that day but unfortunately, Charlie did not attend to his own birthday celebration.

The next day, 27th of October, we had Halloween celebration in Misys Office, Trick or Treat. We decorated our area and it seems simple but nice. The girls from our team designed our workplace including the table that is full of candies.

When the children arrived, whew! such a happy event seeing those kids wearing costumes like Superman, Mulawin, Star Wars, etc. Some of them were shy picking up candies from our table but most of them loved what we prepared! Check these stolen shots and see if you can spot me... hehehehe.... (thanks to Wandawoman and HR for the pics)

I have checked this piggy bank of mine, it was a gift from my bestfriend on my 22nd birthday. I realized that it was almost full but I am now afraid to broke this. The reason is that it is full of 5 peso and 10 peso coins. I am afraid that I may discover fake peso coins. Since there was a report on manufacturing fake coins, haaaayyy... I always check my coins using magnet just to verify if it is fake or not. I have decided to open this on Noche Buena at ipapaagaw ko!!! Yipeeee!!!

On November 1, we celebrated the life of my sister Cindy. We went to the cemetery to visit her niche, we prayed for her soul and asked her guidance. It was a happy thought that she is now with the Lord, watching us and taking care of my father who is miles away from us (he is currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). I know that she is happy now and living with God Almighty....

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