Monday, November 6, 2006


On 26th of October, we celebrated Charlie Boy's (Vicefriend) Birthday, Wendel called me up and he insisted to meet us including Maret and Charlie in SM Megamall. I think Wendel did not have that convincing power that day because Charlie did not show up and told him that he is shy because it was his birthday and maybe he was thinking that we were expecting a treat from him. It was Wendel's idea to celebrate Charlie's birthday that day but unfortunately, Charlie did not attend to his own birthday celebration.

The next day, 27th of October, we had Halloween celebration in Misys Office, Trick or Treat. We decorated our area and it seems simple but nice. The girls from our team designed our workplace including the table that is full of candies.

When the children arrived, whew! such a happy event seeing those kids wearing costumes like Superman, Mulawin, Star Wars, etc. Some of them were shy picking up candies from our table but most of them loved what we prepared! Check these stolen shots and see if you can spot me... hehehehe.... (thanks to Wandawoman and HR for the pics)

I have checked this piggy bank of mine, it was a gift from my bestfriend on my 22nd birthday. I realized that it was almost full but I am now afraid to broke this. The reason is that it is full of 5 peso and 10 peso coins. I am afraid that I may discover fake peso coins. Since there was a report on manufacturing fake coins, haaaayyy... I always check my coins using magnet just to verify if it is fake or not. I have decided to open this on Noche Buena at ipapaagaw ko!!! Yipeeee!!!

On November 1, we celebrated the life of my sister Cindy. We went to the cemetery to visit her niche, we prayed for her soul and asked her guidance. It was a happy thought that she is now with the Lord, watching us and taking care of my father who is miles away from us (he is currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). I know that she is happy now and living with God Almighty....


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