Thursday, December 21, 2006

Visiting Cebu

Last 14th of December was my flight bound to Cebu, it was time to Visit my father's homeland. I was with my sister Cheche and my father. Our flight was 9:30 in the morning and I was on the windowside... hehehehe...
I was able to took pictures from the plane and enjoyed the beautiful scenes and coolness of clouds.
We arrived at my Aunt's (my father's older sister) house at around 11 AM and guess what was the first place I visited? Hahaha... It was Fitness First Cebu! Hehehe... It was a nice interior design they made to the gym. I was sure that it was a former cinema house that was converted into fitness center. But I do love the redefinition of the place, the balcony was there and it was a wide place to workout with, such a really cool place.

Because of tiredness, I just slept on my first night with Cebut City.
On the second day, it was a church day. We went to Basilica Santo NiƱo and of course, I did not forget to visit Cebu's finest mark, the Magellan Cross.

Also that day, we went to Chines Temple to relax and rest, and at the same time see the wonderful views of Cebu City. It was located in a mountain so you will able to see the trees around the city.

Also that day, of course, it was a workout day! I went back to Ayala Center (where Fitness First Cebu was located) para magpapawis...
On the third day, it was a solemn day because it was the burial day for my Uncle's sister. We joined them to the church and cemetery. I was in charge in giving out foods.

Also that day, we went to SM Cebu with my cousins and pamangkins because it was a Converse Sale day and I bought 3 shirts and my sister purchased a pair of shoe while my father got a shirt. Then we headed to Ayala Center to have our dinner in a dimsum house. The food was okay and price was cheap.

On our last day, around 9AM, I run to Fitness First again to have my last workout in Cebu. Then I came home at 11:30 and prepared to go home. But first we went to a market to buy dried fish or danggit as pasalubong sa Pasig. Also, we headed to Shamrock to purchase Otap and Dried Mangoes.
Overall, our stay in Cebu was not for pasyal or puro pagsasaya. My father really missed his sister, I think his last visit in Cebu was 1993, almost 13 years. He grew up there and studied there and it was definitely his childhood home. It was fun seeing my father and auntie's lambingan kahit mejo matatanda na sila... hehehe... It was a cool vacation for me. For sure mauulit pa sya....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Company Christmas Party

Last Wednesday, 13th of December, we had our Company Christmas party held in Manila Peninsula. It was such an extravagant event for the Misys employees. Cool raffle prizes, tasty foods, nice live band and great performances. Unfortunately, I did not won in the raffle... nakakainis nga eh. The foods were okay and again, unfortunately, i have to eat less due to my diet regime.

The good thing about that night was that we won third place in the broadway performance. We did the 'CATS' broadway and we bested 'Phantom of the Opera' and 'Westside Story'. 'chicago' and 'Grease' garnered a tie status so they were declared as either 1st or 2nd placer. At least we won even there were so many mistakes during the performance such as the defect on the backgroud music, tapos hindi kami masyadong sabay sabay but at least... we WON... hahahaha. And something that we can be proud of, during that night, our group was the ONLY team who performed LIVE the song, others did lypsynch.
The night was fun because there was also a live band. But what I waited the most was the grand raffle draw. Sayang yung 1st prize eh, trip for two to Saigon. Kakainis, naghintay pa naman ako ng matagal.... hehehe... Almost 2 AM na ako nakauwi eh may flight ako ng 9 AM kinaumagan at di pa ako nakakapagempake that time... Hahaha... but still, I enjoyed the night. Can you spot me on the following pictures? hehehe...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Saturday Fun Night

Last December 9, my bestfriend left for Hong Kong to have their family vacation and also that day, Wendel was making treat for me and Maret in Shakeys! Fortunately masarap ang garden salad dun, at least, di puro pizza kinain ko, I was able to maintain my diet that day. It was supposed a big treat from Wendel but to my dismay, it was not a hundred percent treat but it was okay because he told us that the second part will be on the 6th of January of next year. It will be a big treat from him because of his job as Technical Support from Teleperformance. After we ate our dinner, to our surprise, Jayson saw us and we headed directly to Starbucks to have some coffee.

It was a fun night because of the kuwentuhans and yabang stories from Wendel about his new Sansa player. He and Jayson was arguing that night but in a funny and nice way. We stayed there until past 11pm then we decided to go home because Jayson was worrying na wala na syang masakyan pauwing Laguna... hehehe

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Departmental X'mas Party

Last Friday, 8th of December, our department (Fix Development) held a Christmas Party in Citadel Inn. And gladly or sadly to say, I was one of the committee. The following picture is the photo of the people responsible for the said celebration. I don't know why they appointed me to be one of them, my team lead chose me for no definite reason... Hehehe... but it was okay with me because it wasn't a hard job, thanks to Maye!
Anyway, the night was quite fun, we had 5 games and special citations to the members of our department. We had buffet by hiring a caterer to check and prepare all the foods. In all, it was a night of getting out from work to relax and have a happy atmosphere away from the crucial situation in the office. Hehehe...

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Horror and Action

1. The Grudge 2 - November 4 : The film was quite scary but I really didn't like the story and it's ending. It was so simple and you can even predict what's the next scene. But kudos to the frightening sounds and horrifying scenes where the attack of the ghosts where taken. And I like the first scenes of the movie, quite nice. Here's a review from EW: "What's a bad sequel but a revenant soul doomed to repeat itself? The Grudge 2 broadens the reach of the Japanese curse that put Sarah Michelle Gellar's doe-eyed gaijin in the hospital, but the scares are the same: the hair, the tub, the yowling cat-boy, etc. Once again, we're treated to loosely aligned scenes of half-formed characters (including Amber Tamblyn as Gellar's brittle sister, so slight the movie nearly forgets she's there) getting a faceful of director Takashi Shimizu's croaking, implacable, and, yes, still scary housewife-geist."
2. Casino Royale - November 16 : I became a big fan James Bond film when a certain cable channel featured an 'Absolute Bond' film fest last May or June. I realized that Bond films were really good, interesting story and sexy ladies. Anyway, Casino Royale tells the story on how James got the 007 status, maybe this was the prequel of all Bond films, but not sure. Also, James in this movie was brutal and more aggressive. And for the first time, he said the word 'I Love You'!. I bought a 40th Anniversary James Bond DVD containing all past 20 James Bond films (Casino Royale is the 21st) and I'm beginning to enjoy watching those movies again. Going back to the film, I think Daniel Craig is good in portraying such role, with good body, sense of humor and a true English Blood, he was the 2nd British actor to play the role and the first of which under 40 of age (does it mean the youngest? not sure). But all in all, of course, I loved the film and I'll watch it again when it come out in DVDs. My favorite James Bond film? Hmmmm... Die Another Day... wondering why? Listen to the theme song... hehehehe...

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