Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Departmental X'mas Party

Last Friday, 8th of December, our department (Fix Development) held a Christmas Party in Citadel Inn. And gladly or sadly to say, I was one of the committee. The following picture is the photo of the people responsible for the said celebration. I don't know why they appointed me to be one of them, my team lead chose me for no definite reason... Hehehe... but it was okay with me because it wasn't a hard job, thanks to Maye!
Anyway, the night was quite fun, we had 5 games and special citations to the members of our department. We had buffet by hiring a caterer to check and prepare all the foods. In all, it was a night of getting out from work to relax and have a happy atmosphere away from the crucial situation in the office. Hehehe...


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