Thursday, December 7, 2006

Horror and Action

1. The Grudge 2 - November 4 : The film was quite scary but I really didn't like the story and it's ending. It was so simple and you can even predict what's the next scene. But kudos to the frightening sounds and horrifying scenes where the attack of the ghosts where taken. And I like the first scenes of the movie, quite nice. Here's a review from EW: "What's a bad sequel but a revenant soul doomed to repeat itself? The Grudge 2 broadens the reach of the Japanese curse that put Sarah Michelle Gellar's doe-eyed gaijin in the hospital, but the scares are the same: the hair, the tub, the yowling cat-boy, etc. Once again, we're treated to loosely aligned scenes of half-formed characters (including Amber Tamblyn as Gellar's brittle sister, so slight the movie nearly forgets she's there) getting a faceful of director Takashi Shimizu's croaking, implacable, and, yes, still scary housewife-geist."
2. Casino Royale - November 16 : I became a big fan James Bond film when a certain cable channel featured an 'Absolute Bond' film fest last May or June. I realized that Bond films were really good, interesting story and sexy ladies. Anyway, Casino Royale tells the story on how James got the 007 status, maybe this was the prequel of all Bond films, but not sure. Also, James in this movie was brutal and more aggressive. And for the first time, he said the word 'I Love You'!. I bought a 40th Anniversary James Bond DVD containing all past 20 James Bond films (Casino Royale is the 21st) and I'm beginning to enjoy watching those movies again. Going back to the film, I think Daniel Craig is good in portraying such role, with good body, sense of humor and a true English Blood, he was the 2nd British actor to play the role and the first of which under 40 of age (does it mean the youngest? not sure). But all in all, of course, I loved the film and I'll watch it again when it come out in DVDs. My favorite James Bond film? Hmmmm... Die Another Day... wondering why? Listen to the theme song... hehehehe...


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