Thursday, December 21, 2006

Visiting Cebu

Last 14th of December was my flight bound to Cebu, it was time to Visit my father's homeland. I was with my sister Cheche and my father. Our flight was 9:30 in the morning and I was on the windowside... hehehehe...
I was able to took pictures from the plane and enjoyed the beautiful scenes and coolness of clouds.
We arrived at my Aunt's (my father's older sister) house at around 11 AM and guess what was the first place I visited? Hahaha... It was Fitness First Cebu! Hehehe... It was a nice interior design they made to the gym. I was sure that it was a former cinema house that was converted into fitness center. But I do love the redefinition of the place, the balcony was there and it was a wide place to workout with, such a really cool place.

Because of tiredness, I just slept on my first night with Cebut City.
On the second day, it was a church day. We went to Basilica Santo NiƱo and of course, I did not forget to visit Cebu's finest mark, the Magellan Cross.

Also that day, we went to Chines Temple to relax and rest, and at the same time see the wonderful views of Cebu City. It was located in a mountain so you will able to see the trees around the city.

Also that day, of course, it was a workout day! I went back to Ayala Center (where Fitness First Cebu was located) para magpapawis...
On the third day, it was a solemn day because it was the burial day for my Uncle's sister. We joined them to the church and cemetery. I was in charge in giving out foods.

Also that day, we went to SM Cebu with my cousins and pamangkins because it was a Converse Sale day and I bought 3 shirts and my sister purchased a pair of shoe while my father got a shirt. Then we headed to Ayala Center to have our dinner in a dimsum house. The food was okay and price was cheap.

On our last day, around 9AM, I run to Fitness First again to have my last workout in Cebu. Then I came home at 11:30 and prepared to go home. But first we went to a market to buy dried fish or danggit as pasalubong sa Pasig. Also, we headed to Shamrock to purchase Otap and Dried Mangoes.
Overall, our stay in Cebu was not for pasyal or puro pagsasaya. My father really missed his sister, I think his last visit in Cebu was 1993, almost 13 years. He grew up there and studied there and it was definitely his childhood home. It was fun seeing my father and auntie's lambingan kahit mejo matatanda na sila... hehehe... It was a cool vacation for me. For sure mauulit pa sya....


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