Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy Holidays!

It's better late than NEVER! Belated Merry Christmas to my dear readers! and Happy New Year to all! At least, exactly January 1, 2007 I have greeted you! Hehehe... Anyway, this is my first entry for the year 2007. How did I spent my Christmas? Well, we had a simple dinner with my family on the Christmas eve but this time, it was more memorable because my father was with us. On Christmas, we spent all day in our house, waiting for the "inaanaks" and we sang using WOW Magic Sing, we sang all day! Hahahaha... On December 30, we went to SM Megamall right after my workout in Fitness First Ortigas. We had our dinner in Dencio's then directly headed to the Supermarket to complete all necessary items for the celebration of the coming year and it was a headache! There were many people inside the supermarket and we cannot even move freely our push cart, sobrang nakakainis talaga yun! And another thing that I hated that day was the one hour waiting period on the cashier's line.... grrrr.... Regarding New Year, it was more enjoyable because we had more food than the Noche Buena! We have 15 round fruits, I had coins in my wallet and again, we sang before the the Medya Noche time. Well in short, it was a simple celebration of holiday season and what was more important was that I have loving parents and sisters.


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