Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's JM's Bday!

It was unplanned but the celebration for JM's birthday was pursued! It was 16th of February and Starbucks Megamall was our meeting place, Maret arrived there first then next Wendel. Our call time was 7:30 but I arrived there past 8:30pm because I went to gym first to lose some calories... hehehe... Anyway, we had our dinner in Super Bowl and we were informed by Maret that JM was around the mall so she invited him to join us since it will his birthday the next day. JM arrived at around 9:30pm and we had some talks, kwentuhans and tawanans. I suddenly realized that I miss seeing Wendel and JM together and that time was really cool and so hilarious. They were joking around being "bestfriends", a big fat man and a thin man... Hahaha..

The first plan was to have some coffee in Starbucks but instead of that, we went to Watering Hole Shangri La to drink beer. We ordered San Mig Light and Nachos (nga ba un?) as pulutan. At exactly 12 midnight, a crew from that establishment handed us a small birthday cake to signify JM's official birthday time! The cake was purchased by Wendel in a coffee shop near the place as a surprise present for his "bestfriend". And syempre may kapalit yun, since he gave a cake, he ordered sisig in exchange, hahaha.. It was JM's birthday so that was his treat. Grabe nang mag-uuwian na, nakaramdam na ako ng hilo at masakit sa ulo bilangin kung ilang calories ang naconsume ko that day! Haaaaayyy...

am sure that JM enjoyed that night, why? Hahaha... Sa amin na lang yun... (Clue: look at the following pictures.... hehehe)


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