Tuesday, February 6, 2007

January Movies

January was an exciting month for me in terms of movies. I was into the rush in watching good and excellent films for this month. I have watched 3 movies!

1. Babel (January 30 @ 9:20pm) - After a fitness session with my personal trainer in Ortigas, I went directly to the cinema to watch this award winning film. I can say, the film was good and I can compare it to last year's Oscar winner Crash. The story was subdivided into different scenes on which each place has a connection and relation to each other. Like Crash, Babel was shot in different locations and the story was upheld in I think 24 hours. The movie editing was quite interesting because the arrangement of the scene, you can easily relate the situation. My favorite part of the film was the realization of the child terrorist after his older brother died because of his aggressive manner. The scene with the father crying out loud because his son died was really effortless in acting, it seems so real and the acting was really good. I was also impressed by the Japanese actress on her portrayal as a deaf-mute teenager and I can really feel the pain of being rejected by others. The film was really good to watch. It deserves to win the Golden Globes best picture award.

2. Night at the Museum (January 31 @ 7:20pm) - This movie is so hilarious and really cool. Loved the special effects and make up of several history figures. It was qutie interesting to watch this kind of film because of different attack on the story and the plot of it was quite unexpected. You should not really trust others in just one day. Actually the first part was really quite scaring because of the loud sound effects for the creatures that went alive during night hours but in the end, it was a feel good movie. It also discusses the importance of a complete family. I was also informative in terms of history events, facts and some useful data and information about the history of US. It was a different story and not just like the old plot films. Loved the part when the lady historian came face to face to her history figure idol.

3. Blood Diamond (January 31 @ 9:30pm) - This is a story of obsession on the diamonds. The story seems to relate in the real life political struggle on abusing poor countries for the benefits of powerful personalities. It also discussed the effect and the results of how the terrorists can widely destruct the peace of a country and terminating human lives. I was moved by the film on those scenes where the lives of a human can be easily dissolved because of those selfish mission and objectives. Some of the scenes were quite brutal such as axing arms and putting a man as a target in an exercise for young terrorists, of course they must kill that man. I know pelikula lang to pero alam naman natin na nangyayari naman talaga to sa totoong buhay. My favorite part was when Leo gave up on the diamond and gave it to the real discoverer and owner of the diamond. Good film, performances and story!


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