Monday, February 12, 2007

Jolly Kiddie Party

Last Saturday, 10th of February, my bestfriend and I went to our godson's 2nd birthday celebration. I almost forgot na magkumpare pala kami ng bestfriend ko, hehehe... Anyway, I waited for almost half an hour in our meeting place (Quezon City hall), haaayy... right, he was late. We headed directly to Ever Gotesco Commonwealth and fix ourselves first before we enter the party site.
Then, we went to the celebration room and the party started. The party was of course for kids but when there was a participation for other visitors aside from kids, aha! Ryce joined the game and did it really cool! hahaha...
We left the party at around 5:30pm because my bestfriend had to prepare for his night shift (nga ba?) and I have to catch the 7:30pm screening of Hannibal Rising in Robinson's Galleria!...


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