Monday, March 26, 2007

007 + PCD

I have purchased a CD and a DVD last 2nd week of March in Odyssey Megamall, an additional to my collection.

1. Casino Royale (DVD) - An addition to my existing 007 Collection. I have CD of all the theme songs of James BOnd movies which I purchased in the internet using my PayPayl account and the 40th Bond DVD edition which contains the 20 Bond films. Casino Royale is the 21st 007 film. The first release of the DVD only contains a single disc so I have to wait one week for the special edition which is the 2-Disc edition. Of course it is more expensive but it's worth it. The 2nd disc has several features such as the topic on how Daniel Craig was choses as the new Bond star and the hardwork and intrigues he faced during the shoot of the film. But he was very cool accepting nasty opinions and comments that he is not fitted to play the role. At the end, Daniel Craig was named as the best Bond actor in the franchise's history and Casino Royale was tagged as the most successfull 007 movie. Hehehe... sampal sa mukha ng mga taong bumatikos sa kanya....

2. Pussycat Dolls (PCD) - I purchased the repackaged cd of their album. This album was released over a year now but still I decided to buy their album because of the song "Wait A Minute". Hehehe... Thanks to Timbaland because of the groovy tune and nice vocals. I have been a fan of Timbaland because of his excellent works in R&B music. The songs which he wrote and composed was a big hit such as "Try Again" by Aaliyah (may she rest in peace), "Cry Me A River" and "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake and the latest song from Nelly Furtado which I forgot the title. I also bought the CD because of Nicole, I was expecting sexy pictures of her in the album, hehehe... The entire album was cool and contains 5 chart topping tracks. Nice album!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Goodbye PURITAN!

Last Friday, 23rd of March was my mom's last day in work. She's been in the company for almost 16 years. The company was PURITAN, but it's original name was General Garments Corporation. I admit, I was saddened by that news and most especially my mom. I saw sadness and a little bit of tears from her eyes. She has loved that company and made lot of friends and had memorable events that will alwasy be a part of her life. Maybe you are asking what happened? Was she fired? Was the company announced closure? NO!!!

My mom was jus a victim of the economy problem in our country. Their company decided to pay their regular employees and employ contractual personnels and resources so that they can save money from benefits, SSS and other government required contributions. But on the other side, I just thought that it will also be good for my mother since this time, after many years of working just to finish our studies, it is now her time to rest and enjoy her life!

I also had good memories with that company, those times that we were going to their Christmas Party, rushed to their sale, birthday celebrations, etc. I even had my 300 hours of on the job training in that company last 2003 and tasked to create a website for them. Hahahah... that time, talang mejo bata pa ang pag-iisip ko nun... and kung nakita nyo ang website, ahihihii... ang pangit!!! Hehehe... eto ung sample look:

Well, that's life, there's a beginning and of course, there's an end. Looking at the positive side of this, my mom will get separation pay! Yahooooo!!! Hehehehe??? How much????!!! Well, it's a big secret!!!! My mom will surely miss her friends and her everyday routine. Thanks PURITAN and goodbye....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Middle of Nowhere

This is how I feel now....
right now, i'm in the middle of nowhere...i don't know what to think and what should I be doing... it is very hard to show that is exactly opposite to what you really feel... there are times that you just want to laugh on it or convince yourself that it's nothing and you just live your life the way you want it to be... but sometimes, it is not easy to face the truth because we don't want to accept it. because the things that you look at are the things that you want to see... sometimes you may feel that you are lost.. you don't know where to start and how to end it... you'll just pretend the whole day telling yourself to enjoy what you are doing when you really are not... do you know that feeling? the feeling that you are left behind by your friends, with no one to run, with no place to go and with no one to tell what you really feel... don't you sometimes feel that you are already tired and want to escape the everyday routine that your life is giving you? don't you sometimes feel that you want to enjoy the whole day because you want to forget something... and after that enjoyment you'll realize, that still, the things that you want to run from still exists... and back to start.. feeling it's okay.. i can do it... i can manage.. i can handle this... but sometimes i just want to run continously, without stopping... there are times that you are telling yourself... you gave your everything, you did your best, but still.. it's not enough... how much more should i give? i'm so tired...don't you sometimes feel that you just want to get out of the city alone, go to some places that you can think... seeing beautiful things, enjoying life without thinking what will happen next..where you just want to relax, sleep, do whatever you want.. but escaping isn't the answer to all of these... but eventhough you knew the answer, still you don't want to do it.. why? i don't even know... it is sometimes that i just want to enter a room.. seeing nothing, hearing nothing, feeling nothing...i can't really understand myself... i don't know if i'm sad..i don't know if i'm happy.. i don't know if i'm enjoying thiskind of life... i really don't know... maybe there is something that i am missing... something that will lead me to understand all of these... something that will take me to the wilderness and to the analysis that there are lot of reasons for me to enjoy my life.. i don't know what that is... i don't know if it is who.. or what.. or when.. or how... i really dont' know.... there are lot of things that i wanna do... i know i can but my mind and body don't want to... sometimes i just want to break all those rules.. i want to do illegal things... i want to take a risk... i want to enter the world of risk addiction... i want something new... i want something exciting... i want something that will awake my consciousness... i want something that will open my eyes to the reality that i am running from... i want to know the answer why i am in the middle of nowhere...

My Breastfriend's Birthday

It was 15th of March when we celebrated Maret's birthday. How? By watching MYX Music Awards! Hehehe... para maiba naman.

Our meeting place was in Farmers Foodcourt in Cubao at 5pm but since breastfriend did not feel very well that day, it was moved to 7pm (may LBM daw sya). Then before 7pm, she arrived but we are running out of time so we decided to go directly to AFP Theater in Camp Crame and texted JM and Wendel to follow us to the venue instead in Farmers. It was a surprise when my bestfriend was with obesefriend and that night became a night of celebration and fun. My bestfriend was a hero that day saving JM from waiting in vain outside the venue, he was indeed the best! Another surprise that night was when I saw my former colleagues from Fujitsu, Ralph (na sumobra ang taba) and Sir Mike (grabe ang laki ng pinayat) was there! Back to the awards night, here are some of the pics taken from the show:

After the awards show, it was time for Maret to treat us dinner... (What? dinner at around 12am???... hehehe...) There was no open restaurant that time so we headed back to Araneta Center and found this 24 hour Chowking store. Hay naku... sira na naman ang diet, di bale minsan lang naman eh... hehehe... We ordered lauriat and fiesta halo halo...

Then after our so late dinner, we were craving for coffee and looked for an open Starbucks in the area but there was none. So Wendel gave us idea to go to Metrowalk Ortigas since there was a Starbucks who closes late. So we went there and had our coffee.

It was a lot of fun that night and since may pasok kinabukasan, at around 3 in the morning, we decided to go home.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Night of FUN

Last 9th of March (Friday), it was Wendel's treat day! He promised us that he will be the in-charge in our next gimmick, so we decided to took it that day so that we can have fun the entire night! Actually, tatlo lang kaming nakapunta, I tried to invite my bestfriend but he told me that he will have a dinner with his officemates that night. Our meeting place was in KFC Ayala MRT Station and we agreed to have our dinner there. We ordered a bucket meal and again, whew! That day was a "No Diet Day"... Hehehe... minsan lang naman eh... Also in that place, Wendel gave me a Bench T-Shirt as a gift.

Then we headed directly to Manila Baywalk at about 9pm to have drinks and of course some FUN! I forgot the name of the place we had beer, but the performers were really cool and so nakakatawa!
The only thing I hated that time was when that bar ran out of ice and we had to wait about 20 - 30 minutes to have a taste on beer. Syempre isang can lang ininom ko, andun pa rin ung "diet mentality"... Wahahaha!!!
When we got bored, we searched for a KTV Bar around 12am where we can sing out loud and again, have some FUN. I forgot again the name of that place but it was a cool den and very spacious site to sing. We ordered drinks and lumpiang shanghai.

Hahaha, I got the highest score of that night! I got 97! Hehehe... I sang of course R&B tunes, boyband songs and some oldies. It was really fun!

Around past 3 in the morning, we looked for a hotel because we cannot go home at that time since it was very late. We found this "Executive Village Hotel" in Mabini, it was such a nice place to have a sleep and rest.
We woke up at 11am and we went out from the hotel to have breakfast/lunch we found Da' King Pares. The food was nice and price was very affordable.

Then we went back to hotel so that I can take a bath. When I went out from the shower room I saw Maret taking pictures from my phone. The heck! My phone was locked and I wonder how she opened the Camera application, then she showed me the technique how to do it, my phone has a bug. I will soon report it to Motorola... hehehe...

We checked out from the hotel at 1:30pm and we went to Robinson's Place Manila since malapit naman na sya dun sa hotel. We tried to have a booking for our Boracay trip but our dismay, sobrang puno na ng mga airlines at doble na ang price! Buwisit!!! Then we decided to go home but I headed to Fitness First Manila to have my weekend workout.

At arrived at home around 7 in the evening and I was really tired and eager to sleep!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

February Movies

Time again to review the movies I have seen last month. They are mostly horror/scary films and an action flick.

1. Hannibal Rising (February 10 @ 7:30pm) - This is a R-18 movie and the reason for this was the manner of showing cannibalism and the brutal way of killing villains. I have seen the first 3 movies about Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon) and this movie showed the reason why Mr. Lecter was behaving such act. The movie introduces it's audience to the family background of the serial killer, on how he survived in the midst of war and finding himself a better life. I was more interested on how Hannibal handles his victim and how he make a taste of them. My favorite part of the movie was the death of the big bully guy and how Hannibal used samurai to cut the body of such unfortunate man. This is not the best Hannibal movie but the film is quite good and quite scary at medyo nakakadiri din.

2. The Messenger (February 11 @ 7:40pm) - It is the story a family migrating from the crowded place of the city and moved to the rural area of the country. The Messenger tackles the ability of a little child to see and hear that an adult can't. Actually, the story is quite ordinary, the house that they bought was haunted and the real suspect for the tragedy in that house became their friend. And that man was out of his mind. I admit the film was really scary in terms of sound engineering and visual effects for the ghosts. The story plot waas quite simple but the location was refreshing, seeing a garden full of sunflowers in the middle of a farm. The little boy who played "The Messenger", actually the baby, was really good, parang natuturuan talaga! hehehe...

3. Ghost Rider (February 15 @ 9:40pm) - This was an entertaining film! Special effects were superb and the casts were really good and convincing. I love the ending of which Nick did not return his power to the real owner by not signing and releasing himself from the contract to use it against the owner itself. The production design was good especially in the last part of the fight scene. As of now, this movie holds the number one spot the yearly box office chart, meaning for 2007, this is the highest grossing film, as of now but not sure if it will last until December. But in all, I loved the film and the action scenes of each of the villains, I just don't like the costume of the Ghost Rider.

4. Primeval (February 28 @ 6pm) - This movie is kinda similar to Lake Placid, about a large crocodile that eats human and became the center of the story. The only difference of this film was that it involved political survival and terrorism in that region. The serial killer was characterized into two types of individual, the monster like huge crocodile and a man who controls the place by doing terrorism acts. The movie was quite nice, nakakagulat sya and at the same time nakakatakot na rin kahit papano... hehehe... But kudos to the special effects on crocodile image, grabe ang laki talaga at ang bilis kumilos. The ending was okay kasi namatay yung kontrabida... hehehe... But really, it was a quite good film, hindi nakakaantok.

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