Monday, March 26, 2007

007 + PCD

I have purchased a CD and a DVD last 2nd week of March in Odyssey Megamall, an additional to my collection.

1. Casino Royale (DVD) - An addition to my existing 007 Collection. I have CD of all the theme songs of James BOnd movies which I purchased in the internet using my PayPayl account and the 40th Bond DVD edition which contains the 20 Bond films. Casino Royale is the 21st 007 film. The first release of the DVD only contains a single disc so I have to wait one week for the special edition which is the 2-Disc edition. Of course it is more expensive but it's worth it. The 2nd disc has several features such as the topic on how Daniel Craig was choses as the new Bond star and the hardwork and intrigues he faced during the shoot of the film. But he was very cool accepting nasty opinions and comments that he is not fitted to play the role. At the end, Daniel Craig was named as the best Bond actor in the franchise's history and Casino Royale was tagged as the most successfull 007 movie. Hehehe... sampal sa mukha ng mga taong bumatikos sa kanya....

2. Pussycat Dolls (PCD) - I purchased the repackaged cd of their album. This album was released over a year now but still I decided to buy their album because of the song "Wait A Minute". Hehehe... Thanks to Timbaland because of the groovy tune and nice vocals. I have been a fan of Timbaland because of his excellent works in R&B music. The songs which he wrote and composed was a big hit such as "Try Again" by Aaliyah (may she rest in peace), "Cry Me A River" and "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake and the latest song from Nelly Furtado which I forgot the title. I also bought the CD because of Nicole, I was expecting sexy pictures of her in the album, hehehe... The entire album was cool and contains 5 chart topping tracks. Nice album!


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