Tuesday, March 6, 2007

February Movies

Time again to review the movies I have seen last month. They are mostly horror/scary films and an action flick.

1. Hannibal Rising (February 10 @ 7:30pm) - This is a R-18 movie and the reason for this was the manner of showing cannibalism and the brutal way of killing villains. I have seen the first 3 movies about Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon) and this movie showed the reason why Mr. Lecter was behaving such act. The movie introduces it's audience to the family background of the serial killer, on how he survived in the midst of war and finding himself a better life. I was more interested on how Hannibal handles his victim and how he make a taste of them. My favorite part of the movie was the death of the big bully guy and how Hannibal used samurai to cut the body of such unfortunate man. This is not the best Hannibal movie but the film is quite good and quite scary at medyo nakakadiri din.

2. The Messenger (February 11 @ 7:40pm) - It is the story a family migrating from the crowded place of the city and moved to the rural area of the country. The Messenger tackles the ability of a little child to see and hear that an adult can't. Actually, the story is quite ordinary, the house that they bought was haunted and the real suspect for the tragedy in that house became their friend. And that man was out of his mind. I admit the film was really scary in terms of sound engineering and visual effects for the ghosts. The story plot waas quite simple but the location was refreshing, seeing a garden full of sunflowers in the middle of a farm. The little boy who played "The Messenger", actually the baby, was really good, parang natuturuan talaga! hehehe...

3. Ghost Rider (February 15 @ 9:40pm) - This was an entertaining film! Special effects were superb and the casts were really good and convincing. I love the ending of which Nick did not return his power to the real owner by not signing and releasing himself from the contract to use it against the owner itself. The production design was good especially in the last part of the fight scene. As of now, this movie holds the number one spot the yearly box office chart, meaning for 2007, this is the highest grossing film, as of now but not sure if it will last until December. But in all, I loved the film and the action scenes of each of the villains, I just don't like the costume of the Ghost Rider.

4. Primeval (February 28 @ 6pm) - This movie is kinda similar to Lake Placid, about a large crocodile that eats human and became the center of the story. The only difference of this film was that it involved political survival and terrorism in that region. The serial killer was characterized into two types of individual, the monster like huge crocodile and a man who controls the place by doing terrorism acts. The movie was quite nice, nakakagulat sya and at the same time nakakatakot na rin kahit papano... hehehe... But kudos to the special effects on crocodile image, grabe ang laki talaga at ang bilis kumilos. The ending was okay kasi namatay yung kontrabida... hehehe... But really, it was a quite good film, hindi nakakaantok.


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