Sunday, March 25, 2007

Goodbye PURITAN!

Last Friday, 23rd of March was my mom's last day in work. She's been in the company for almost 16 years. The company was PURITAN, but it's original name was General Garments Corporation. I admit, I was saddened by that news and most especially my mom. I saw sadness and a little bit of tears from her eyes. She has loved that company and made lot of friends and had memorable events that will alwasy be a part of her life. Maybe you are asking what happened? Was she fired? Was the company announced closure? NO!!!

My mom was jus a victim of the economy problem in our country. Their company decided to pay their regular employees and employ contractual personnels and resources so that they can save money from benefits, SSS and other government required contributions. But on the other side, I just thought that it will also be good for my mother since this time, after many years of working just to finish our studies, it is now her time to rest and enjoy her life!

I also had good memories with that company, those times that we were going to their Christmas Party, rushed to their sale, birthday celebrations, etc. I even had my 300 hours of on the job training in that company last 2003 and tasked to create a website for them. Hahahah... that time, talang mejo bata pa ang pag-iisip ko nun... and kung nakita nyo ang website, ahihihii... ang pangit!!! Hehehe... eto ung sample look:

Well, that's life, there's a beginning and of course, there's an end. Looking at the positive side of this, my mom will get separation pay! Yahooooo!!! Hehehehe??? How much????!!! Well, it's a big secret!!!! My mom will surely miss her friends and her everyday routine. Thanks PURITAN and goodbye....


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