Friday, March 23, 2007

My Breastfriend's Birthday

It was 15th of March when we celebrated Maret's birthday. How? By watching MYX Music Awards! Hehehe... para maiba naman.

Our meeting place was in Farmers Foodcourt in Cubao at 5pm but since breastfriend did not feel very well that day, it was moved to 7pm (may LBM daw sya). Then before 7pm, she arrived but we are running out of time so we decided to go directly to AFP Theater in Camp Crame and texted JM and Wendel to follow us to the venue instead in Farmers. It was a surprise when my bestfriend was with obesefriend and that night became a night of celebration and fun. My bestfriend was a hero that day saving JM from waiting in vain outside the venue, he was indeed the best! Another surprise that night was when I saw my former colleagues from Fujitsu, Ralph (na sumobra ang taba) and Sir Mike (grabe ang laki ng pinayat) was there! Back to the awards night, here are some of the pics taken from the show:

After the awards show, it was time for Maret to treat us dinner... (What? dinner at around 12am???... hehehe...) There was no open restaurant that time so we headed back to Araneta Center and found this 24 hour Chowking store. Hay naku... sira na naman ang diet, di bale minsan lang naman eh... hehehe... We ordered lauriat and fiesta halo halo...

Then after our so late dinner, we were craving for coffee and looked for an open Starbucks in the area but there was none. So Wendel gave us idea to go to Metrowalk Ortigas since there was a Starbucks who closes late. So we went there and had our coffee.

It was a lot of fun that night and since may pasok kinabukasan, at around 3 in the morning, we decided to go home.


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