Thursday, March 15, 2007

Night of FUN

Last 9th of March (Friday), it was Wendel's treat day! He promised us that he will be the in-charge in our next gimmick, so we decided to took it that day so that we can have fun the entire night! Actually, tatlo lang kaming nakapunta, I tried to invite my bestfriend but he told me that he will have a dinner with his officemates that night. Our meeting place was in KFC Ayala MRT Station and we agreed to have our dinner there. We ordered a bucket meal and again, whew! That day was a "No Diet Day"... Hehehe... minsan lang naman eh... Also in that place, Wendel gave me a Bench T-Shirt as a gift.

Then we headed directly to Manila Baywalk at about 9pm to have drinks and of course some FUN! I forgot the name of the place we had beer, but the performers were really cool and so nakakatawa!
The only thing I hated that time was when that bar ran out of ice and we had to wait about 20 - 30 minutes to have a taste on beer. Syempre isang can lang ininom ko, andun pa rin ung "diet mentality"... Wahahaha!!!
When we got bored, we searched for a KTV Bar around 12am where we can sing out loud and again, have some FUN. I forgot again the name of that place but it was a cool den and very spacious site to sing. We ordered drinks and lumpiang shanghai.

Hahaha, I got the highest score of that night! I got 97! Hehehe... I sang of course R&B tunes, boyband songs and some oldies. It was really fun!

Around past 3 in the morning, we looked for a hotel because we cannot go home at that time since it was very late. We found this "Executive Village Hotel" in Mabini, it was such a nice place to have a sleep and rest.
We woke up at 11am and we went out from the hotel to have breakfast/lunch we found Da' King Pares. The food was nice and price was very affordable.

Then we went back to hotel so that I can take a bath. When I went out from the shower room I saw Maret taking pictures from my phone. The heck! My phone was locked and I wonder how she opened the Camera application, then she showed me the technique how to do it, my phone has a bug. I will soon report it to Motorola... hehehe...

We checked out from the hotel at 1:30pm and we went to Robinson's Place Manila since malapit naman na sya dun sa hotel. We tried to have a booking for our Boracay trip but our dismay, sobrang puno na ng mga airlines at doble na ang price! Buwisit!!! Then we decided to go home but I headed to Fitness First Manila to have my weekend workout.

At arrived at home around 7 in the evening and I was really tired and eager to sleep!


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