Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome Back and Bon Voyage

Two of my former colleagues from Fujituse are enjoying their lives in the company Rivereo, why? because they got the chance to travel to UK! Hehehe... Last April 10, Aybs came back from the said country and we celebrated it by having a lunchout in Gerry's Grill. Of course it was her treat! Her boyfriend Sonny and Chichi came but the other two guys (Tong and Allan) were "busy" doing their personal stuffs and way of improving their lives... hehehe... Anong pasalubong in Ibyang??? Wala, antay na lang daw kame...

Then last April 27, it was Chichi's time to treat us! She will be leaving for UK I think next week. It was in Gerry's Grill again but this time, Tong came. As usual, Allan did not come for the reason that he was busy again preparing for "something"... Hehehe... It was my first time to taste Gerry's Beef Casserole , it was so delicious and so creamy! Also on the table was Lumpiang Shanghai na Bangus... sarap din! Chichi promised that when she comes back, meron kami agad pasalubong! Yipeee!!!

We really miss Ann, lagi namin kasama pag may lunchout pero nasa US kasi sya... Pagbalik nya, sagot nya raw one week naming lunch! Hehehe...

Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Obesefriend's Birthday!

Last Friday, 20th of April, we are scheduled to go to Wendel's house for the celebration of his birthday. His birthday was last April 14 but he decided to celebrate it on the 20th. But coming to their house was a disaster for me. Our meeting place was in SM North EDSA, so I decided to ride MRT. So from office, I just walked to reach the MRT station, malayo din yun ah! Then, sobrang daming tao at siksikan and to my dismay, dun pa ako napunta sa part ng MRT na walang aircon!!! Punyeta, pagbaba ko ng North station puro pawis na ko! And I have to walk again just to be in the mall. Para tuloy akong nagworkout! And before leaving the mall, I took a shower first in Fitness First North EDSA... hehehe...

We arrived at Obesefriend's house at about 10 in the evening. The food was prepared and so is he. Nakapink na t-shirt sya gaya ko. The food was really good, just what Breastfriend said, masarsa! Bestfriend was enjoying the food, dame nya nilagay sa pinggan nya! Hahaha!!!

Since there was an occasion, wala munang diet... hehehe... but eventhough I want to eat more, still I can't, busog na ako kahit konti pa lang nakakain ko...

While eating, we are watching TV and was doing some file copying from Ryan's external hard disk to my laptop. Whew! dameng files at medyo matagal kumopya ah! Maret brought with her the Fitnesse cereals that I ordered, 90 pesos daw isa. But it's okay because it will be my food for breakfast.

Also with us that time was Wendel's other friends and his new girlfriend! Comment about her?! Hmmm... mabait naman sya at sya pa una nag-approach sa amin. I think I like her more than Wendel's previous girlfriend... hehehe...

We left Wende's house at about 4 in the morning, since kumain ako that night, I decided to burn those fats in the gym the next morning...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Career Shift

My breastfriend Maret is planning to shift her career. From sales and marketing arena, to the gorgeous world of information technology. Her current employer is Nestle Philippines and she has been with the company for almost 3 years. But she is only on contractual basis and up to now, no absorption and regular employment has been offerred. She is the Maggi Coordinator and trying her very best to make the Maggi products to come in boom again. Hehehe... talo pa rin sila ng Lucky Me at Knorr... Hahaha...

So last Tuesday, 17th of April, we met at SM Megamall after my workout in Fitness First Ortigas. She treated me a dinner in Kenny Rogers while I was discussing her our thesis so that if ever it will be asked to her on an interview about it, she is prepared. Well, di sa pagmamayabang, our system was named as Third Best System in 2004 of our yearly College Recognition Day. What's the system? Hehehe... it was called LIBing System (Lease Information, Billing and Monitoring System). Our client was North Cemetery. Oo, tungkol sa Wall Niche, yung rentahang libingan na after 5 years e mag-eexpire. First time in the college history na may gumawa tungkol sa sementeryo no?! So we are very proud that time. Hehehe...

So after a short discussion, we transferred to Starbucks (ano?! Starbucks na naman???!!! di ba kame nagsasawa???!!!) to continue our discussion and my explanation about our thesis kasi medyo nakalimutan na raw niya. Take note, the coffee was another treat of her! Hehehe... ang yaman eh, nakuha ung loan nya... But seriously, I am happy that she is shifting her career now. It will be a very good move for her and for sure, she will excel on it kasi magaling naman sya sa logic

Friday, April 20, 2007

Workout, Hospital, Movie, Coffee

Last Sunday, 15th of April, I did my workout session in SM North EDSA together with my bestfriend Ryan. I became an instant trainor giving instructions for him on how to use some equipments and some body toning and fat burning exercises I learned from my personal trainor Mawel. Tingin ko, nahirapan sya magworkout, hehehe... ang bilis nyang napagod pero pursigido naman sya!

Afterwards, we met breastfriend Maret and we ate siomai. We headed then to Capitol Medical Center to visit Ryan's mom. Thank God she was doing fine and the gal bladder (did I spell it right?) operation was successful. She let us eat lunch there and of course, my diet session continued that day. It was still a "no rice policy" for me.

My bestfriend copied the pictures from my 2gb flash drive and put it on his laptop and showed it to everybody. Nakakatawa talaga yung mga pictures especially yung kay Wendel.

Maret was busy doing her tasks with Marky (Ryan's youngest brother) and searching the Misys Job Advertisement in Manila Bulletin. She was also looking at the pictures being shown on the laptop and guess what? She was excited seeing the picture where Wendel was wearing only underwear! Hahaha... Joke!

Around 4 pm, we went to SM Megamall to watch movie and it was the film "Sunshine"... Oooops... the review will be revealed next month on my monthly movie analysis... hehehe...

After the movie, it seems that we don't want to go home yet so we cruised to Starbucks and had our coffee.Ryan and I had Banana Java Chip but I forgot what Maret ordered.

Anyway, we parted our ways before 10 in the evening. Such a busy day but a good way to kill the boredom.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Last Saturday, 14th of April, after I worked out in Fitness First SM North EDSA, I went directly to SM Megamall first to surf the net using WiFi. I brought my laptop with me to download mp3s! Hahaha... I downloaded a total of 36 songs in 2 hours! Then I went to AstroPlus to purchase the CD of this new R&B/Hip Hop sensation, Akon. I love his new song "Don't Matter" and became an instant favorite. Upon entering the music store, his CD "Konvicted" was being played because of his songs "Smack That" and "I Wanna Love You". I listened instantly to his songs after I uploaded CD to my office workstation. Really cool songs and the voice he owns is something different and unique. Here's the review from Tammy La Gorce of
"If R&B has been drifting lately, Konvicted proves Akon's ready to take the wheel: His reedy voice encapsulates Jersey, Jamaica, and continents beyond (Africa, most notably); his wait-a-beat delivery enhances his high-flying hooks; and his attitude mulches thuggery and womanizing into something worth spreading around. If that's not indication enough he's on a roll, consider the accolades Konvicted is racking up--a Grammy nod for "Smack That" (featuring Eminem), a No. 1 single with "I Wanna Love You" (featuring Snoop Dogg), sales in the millions. To count Akon a musical groundbreaker, though, you have to be ready to embrace a new genre that might take Brian McKnight and Usher fans a little getting used to: hardcore R&B. Both "I Wanna Love You" and "Smack That" don't shy away from raunch, and tracks like "Tired of Runnin'" and "Shake Down" bring on an MC edge that belongs more to the street than to the bedroom. Still, count on Akon to convince holdouts he's worth hearing; both his message and his manner bear the marks of the unstoppable."

Saturday, April 14, 2007

March 24

Yeah, you are reading it right, the title of this blog entry is March 24. Why? Because it is one of the most important day in my life. What is it? Hahaha... It was March 24, 2004 when I started to work. It was with WeServ (Fujitsu Philippines Inc.). I don't know why we didn't have any celebration for this, unlike last year (view my blog about this by clicking here). Well, maybe because some of us forgot it and we were just so busy. But for me, another year is a milestone for me. What did I do that day? Last March 24, 2007? Hahaha... of course, WORKOUT!!! As of now, I have lost over 30lbs and still counting. Back to my work status? What's up with me now after three years of serving those private companies? Well, I am better now, more relaxed and more experienced. For three years, I have served three companies, WeServ, PCCI and now Misys. Haaayyy... it seems every year eh nagpapalit ako ng kumpanya? How about this year? Let's see... Hehehe... It seems that my current employer is stable and a big company naman. But, as usual, heto na naman ang manner kong mabilis magsawa. Well, on July 3, it will be my first anniversary with Misys.

How do I feel now? Feeling ko tumatanda na ko... Hehehe... But honestly, I am not yet fulfilled as a full pledge IT professional, it seems may kulang pa and I have to look and search for that. Working abroad? Nah, I am not yet prepared and that experienced to face that kind of challenge. Right now, I am happy with my job, with my life. I am happy because my family still supports me in anything and everything I do with my career and I have my friends that I know will continue to be there in my ups and downs. Well, that's life...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Holy Week Vacation in Puerto Galera

My superfriends and I decided to spend the lenten season in Puerto Galera. We stayed there from 5th of April to the 8th, 4 days in all! It was such a nice vacation and time to take a break and rest from the busy world of work and the rush changes in the metro. Note: I think this is the longest blog entry I ever did! Hahahaha.

Day 1

At first, we thought that we will ba having difficulty in finding a place to stay because we made no reservation at all. To my surprise, there were lot of rooms for rent and even hotel spaces but in higher price.

Good thing we found this REM's Virgin Island Hotel, such a cool place and take note, they are the only hotel in Puerto Galera that is a WiFi zone. Asteeeg.... But unfortunately, I did not bring my laptop with me. Anyway, the room was nice, 2 bedrooms but we are five, who slept on the floor? Hahaha... it was a long story.

Then we headed to a place where we can eat, we were so hungry that time because of the long hours of travel using a bangka, grabe kakatakot kasi ang lakas ng alon. So we found this place, the food was okay but not that great and the price seems cheap naman. Haaay... don't ask me if I did my "dieting regime" because the answer is "NO"... di na ko nagdiet the whole time I stayed in Puerto... wahahahaha!!!!

After we ate, bestfriend, breastfriend and obesefriend had their henna tattoo... teka bakit wala akong friend code kay april? (gf ni best)... hmmm... isip kayo... hehehe... I decided not to have a tattoo dahil umubra ang kakuriputan ko... wahahaha... I don't want to pay for something that will vanish within a week... hehehe... but the tattoos were cool, galing!

Right after the tattoo session, we stayed for a while near the beach to take pictures and talked about the place, the past, the future and anything.

We slept right away after a short stint around the place to prepare for the next day's adventures!

Day 2

We woke up on our second day at around 8 or 9 am, we prepared ourselves and look for a place to have our very first breakfast on the island.

We found this certain small carinderia along the road and I had Milo (every morning laging Milo talaga iniinom ko) and the others did the same... hehehe... The food was okay and the price seems fine. Nabusog din naman ako kahit papano...

Wendel, at that time has to withdraw money from the ATM. Unfortunately, White Beach doesn't have any ATM facility. So together with Maret and Me, the three of us went to Calapan, the so-called "Bayan" in the island. Best and April were left and we were wondering what they did during the times we were out of their sight... hehehe...

After almost 2 hours, we have arrived in Calapan and Wendel successfully withdrew money from the ATM but Maret failed to do so. Wendel's brothers were in Calapan that time so we went to El Pueblo resort where his brothers were having their vacation together with their other relatives. We also had our lunch there... hehehe... kapal ng mukha no?!

Then we came back to Puerto Galera and we had our Banana Boat adventure. (sayang walang picture dun). And it was really scary for me... hahaha.. first time kong mapunta sa sobrang lalim na part at biglaan pa... Hehehe... Sobra naman akong naawa kay obesefriend nun. But it was fun and an additional to my list of experiences.

We came back to our hotel then headed directly to a place where we can eat! We were so hungry that time. We found this place called "Kusina ni Bebang" which reminded us of one of our classmates way back in college. The food was superb and the price was affordable. Sarap sobra!

After dinner, we walked for a while along the beach and took some pictures. We also did our initial shopping and Best was indeed the best in doing the "tawad" things. Grabe sobrang kuripot at sobrang tumawad ng price... hehehe... I think I bought shirts for me and my mom that night.

Time again to sleep after a tiring day.

Day 3

On our third day in the island, it was time for Wendel to leave. Meron kasi siyang pasok ng 8pm That day. KJ no?! Hehehe...

So we woke up at around 7:30 in the morning and fixed and prepared ourselves for the new exciting day for us.

Matapos naming ihatid si taba ng around 9am, we had our breakfast, again sa "Kusina ni Bebang"... leche puro kami kain.

It was snorkeling time! hehehe... we hired this small boat for 1000 pesos... medyo ok naman... so we prepared ourselves for the coral viewing. We were brought to Coral garden and whew! The view under the sea was really cool. Grabe kakatuwa. Kaya lang sobrang nilamig ako that time. But seeing the beauty under the sea was the best part in that vacation.

We rushed back to the hotel to change our clothes after the snorkeling adventure. We came back to the beach not to swim but to take pictures... Hehehe... mga adik sa litrato. But the best part that time was the sun. It was so nice so we played the sun and shot some pictures. Hehehe... di pa ko marunong kumuha ng magandang anggulo...

We had our dinner in "ihaw-ihaw" manner. For me, that was the best dinner I ever had on that island... Hehehe... sobrang sarap kaya lang di naman ako kumakain ng seafoods so di ko kinain yung pusit... Hanggang isda lang ako. I only had one rice that time and the rest had 2 cups... Wahahaha...ang tatakaw...

There was a show that time sponsored by San Miguel. The event was okay because of the RnB music played by an unknown band. But when it was rock music time... haaaayyy... inantok na ko... hehehe... But my senses woke up again because of a certain beach body competition... hehehe... it was a cool show.

We came back to hotel and had our rest and of course to sleep.

Day 4

It was our last day on the island so we packed our things to prepare for our departure at 12 noon.

As a remembrance, we took some time to take pictures inside and outside the hotel. We are running out of time so we decided to have our breakfast

We had our breakfast again where we ate on our second day on the island. The food was okay and of course at that time, Milo was available! April chose to use the remaining coffee sachet that we got from "Kusina ni Bebang".

Afterwards, we decided to take some pictures (again) and made fun under the sun.

We hurried back to the hotel to make the final preparation. We are running out of time so best made his final shower on the other floor of the hotel.

We arrived on the Batangas pier at around 2pm so we took first our lunch and went directly to a bus that will bring us to Manila! At exactly 6pm, I was already in Pasig.Whew! Such a long story to tell. Anyway, the vacation was fun and we really enjoyed our stay in Puerto Galera. We are planning to have our adventure next year in Boracay... Hahaha... Let's see...

For additional pictures, click on the following link:
Part 1
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Part 3

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mixed Emotions

Month of March gave me different emotions and feelings while watching these movies because they are all different in genre and classification. There's musical/drama, action/adventure, comedy and suspense/thriller.

1. Dreamgirls (March 5 @ 7:05pm) - After watching this movie, I told to myself that Jennifer Hudson really deserved an Oscar for her performance in this movie. She was so great! And listen to her powerful voice, wow talaga! Back to the movie, it was an entertaining film to view and the songs performed here were all original and were all excellent. On the story side, I think it was familiar in other film I have watched, a group that was disbanded because of jealousy and money. But the difference was the performance and the calibre of the director and actors. The costumes and musical totality was really great. My favorite part was when Jennifer sang "One Night Only" in a cheap club. Really cool film.

2. 300 (March 7 @ 7:30pm) - Wohooo!!! Loved this movie! Everytime I see those Spartan bodies, pucha nakakainggit. Kelan ako magkakaroon ng ganung katawan???!!! Hehehe... But seriously, the film was so cool, the special effects, the costumes, the accessories, the screenplay, everything! Really nice. If you have watched the making of this film, you will really be amazed because their location was only in a studio and those backgroud sites in the movie were made up of special screen effects using the latest technology in film making. Favorite part? Lahat! Hehehe...

3. Norbit (March 24 @ 3:15pm) - Eddie Murphy is really the master of disguise! He is indeed the best in doing different personalities and identity. He portrayed 3 different roles in this movie. The story seems new to me because of the love triangle in different area of affection and situation. Hehehe.. Basta kakatuwa. Also, thumbs up to the make up artist who did it, halos di ko nakilala na sya rin pala yung matanda dun... Galing! The scenes on their honeymoon were really funny, Mrs. Norbit was experimenting different styles in doing those sassy and sexy positions and role playing before having their ultimate moment. Hahaha!!!

4. Turistas (March 31 @ 7:40pm) - The story was quite similar to Hostel. There was a group of friend who was searching for excitement and aventure in their vacation. At the end, misfortune and tragedy came to them. The movie was quite scary in the part of habulan and katayan... Hehehe... After watching this movie, natakot na kaming magbakasyo sa Puerto Galera... hehehe... The film was quite okay, di ganon kaganda di rin ganon kapangit... oks lng.

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