Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mixed Emotions

Month of March gave me different emotions and feelings while watching these movies because they are all different in genre and classification. There's musical/drama, action/adventure, comedy and suspense/thriller.

1. Dreamgirls (March 5 @ 7:05pm) - After watching this movie, I told to myself that Jennifer Hudson really deserved an Oscar for her performance in this movie. She was so great! And listen to her powerful voice, wow talaga! Back to the movie, it was an entertaining film to view and the songs performed here were all original and were all excellent. On the story side, I think it was familiar in other film I have watched, a group that was disbanded because of jealousy and money. But the difference was the performance and the calibre of the director and actors. The costumes and musical totality was really great. My favorite part was when Jennifer sang "One Night Only" in a cheap club. Really cool film.

2. 300 (March 7 @ 7:30pm) - Wohooo!!! Loved this movie! Everytime I see those Spartan bodies, pucha nakakainggit. Kelan ako magkakaroon ng ganung katawan???!!! Hehehe... But seriously, the film was so cool, the special effects, the costumes, the accessories, the screenplay, everything! Really nice. If you have watched the making of this film, you will really be amazed because their location was only in a studio and those backgroud sites in the movie were made up of special screen effects using the latest technology in film making. Favorite part? Lahat! Hehehe...

3. Norbit (March 24 @ 3:15pm) - Eddie Murphy is really the master of disguise! He is indeed the best in doing different personalities and identity. He portrayed 3 different roles in this movie. The story seems new to me because of the love triangle in different area of affection and situation. Hehehe.. Basta kakatuwa. Also, thumbs up to the make up artist who did it, halos di ko nakilala na sya rin pala yung matanda dun... Galing! The scenes on their honeymoon were really funny, Mrs. Norbit was experimenting different styles in doing those sassy and sexy positions and role playing before having their ultimate moment. Hahaha!!!

4. Turistas (March 31 @ 7:40pm) - The story was quite similar to Hostel. There was a group of friend who was searching for excitement and aventure in their vacation. At the end, misfortune and tragedy came to them. The movie was quite scary in the part of habulan and katayan... Hehehe... After watching this movie, natakot na kaming magbakasyo sa Puerto Galera... hehehe... The film was quite okay, di ganon kaganda di rin ganon kapangit... oks lng.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your movie reviews, I am looking forward to seeing a few of the movies you mentioned.

carlomalbas said...

thanks anissa!

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