Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Holy Week Vacation in Puerto Galera

My superfriends and I decided to spend the lenten season in Puerto Galera. We stayed there from 5th of April to the 8th, 4 days in all! It was such a nice vacation and time to take a break and rest from the busy world of work and the rush changes in the metro. Note: I think this is the longest blog entry I ever did! Hahahaha.

Day 1

At first, we thought that we will ba having difficulty in finding a place to stay because we made no reservation at all. To my surprise, there were lot of rooms for rent and even hotel spaces but in higher price.

Good thing we found this REM's Virgin Island Hotel, such a cool place and take note, they are the only hotel in Puerto Galera that is a WiFi zone. Asteeeg.... But unfortunately, I did not bring my laptop with me. Anyway, the room was nice, 2 bedrooms but we are five, who slept on the floor? Hahaha... it was a long story.

Then we headed to a place where we can eat, we were so hungry that time because of the long hours of travel using a bangka, grabe kakatakot kasi ang lakas ng alon. So we found this place, the food was okay but not that great and the price seems cheap naman. Haaay... don't ask me if I did my "dieting regime" because the answer is "NO"... di na ko nagdiet the whole time I stayed in Puerto... wahahahaha!!!!

After we ate, bestfriend, breastfriend and obesefriend had their henna tattoo... teka bakit wala akong friend code kay april? (gf ni best)... hmmm... isip kayo... hehehe... I decided not to have a tattoo dahil umubra ang kakuriputan ko... wahahaha... I don't want to pay for something that will vanish within a week... hehehe... but the tattoos were cool, galing!

Right after the tattoo session, we stayed for a while near the beach to take pictures and talked about the place, the past, the future and anything.

We slept right away after a short stint around the place to prepare for the next day's adventures!

Day 2

We woke up on our second day at around 8 or 9 am, we prepared ourselves and look for a place to have our very first breakfast on the island.

We found this certain small carinderia along the road and I had Milo (every morning laging Milo talaga iniinom ko) and the others did the same... hehehe... The food was okay and the price seems fine. Nabusog din naman ako kahit papano...

Wendel, at that time has to withdraw money from the ATM. Unfortunately, White Beach doesn't have any ATM facility. So together with Maret and Me, the three of us went to Calapan, the so-called "Bayan" in the island. Best and April were left and we were wondering what they did during the times we were out of their sight... hehehe...

After almost 2 hours, we have arrived in Calapan and Wendel successfully withdrew money from the ATM but Maret failed to do so. Wendel's brothers were in Calapan that time so we went to El Pueblo resort where his brothers were having their vacation together with their other relatives. We also had our lunch there... hehehe... kapal ng mukha no?!

Then we came back to Puerto Galera and we had our Banana Boat adventure. (sayang walang picture dun). And it was really scary for me... hahaha.. first time kong mapunta sa sobrang lalim na part at biglaan pa... Hehehe... Sobra naman akong naawa kay obesefriend nun. But it was fun and an additional to my list of experiences.

We came back to our hotel then headed directly to a place where we can eat! We were so hungry that time. We found this place called "Kusina ni Bebang" which reminded us of one of our classmates way back in college. The food was superb and the price was affordable. Sarap sobra!

After dinner, we walked for a while along the beach and took some pictures. We also did our initial shopping and Best was indeed the best in doing the "tawad" things. Grabe sobrang kuripot at sobrang tumawad ng price... hehehe... I think I bought shirts for me and my mom that night.

Time again to sleep after a tiring day.

Day 3

On our third day in the island, it was time for Wendel to leave. Meron kasi siyang pasok ng 8pm That day. KJ no?! Hehehe...

So we woke up at around 7:30 in the morning and fixed and prepared ourselves for the new exciting day for us.

Matapos naming ihatid si taba ng around 9am, we had our breakfast, again sa "Kusina ni Bebang"... leche puro kami kain.

It was snorkeling time! hehehe... we hired this small boat for 1000 pesos... medyo ok naman... so we prepared ourselves for the coral viewing. We were brought to Coral garden and whew! The view under the sea was really cool. Grabe kakatuwa. Kaya lang sobrang nilamig ako that time. But seeing the beauty under the sea was the best part in that vacation.

We rushed back to the hotel to change our clothes after the snorkeling adventure. We came back to the beach not to swim but to take pictures... Hehehe... mga adik sa litrato. But the best part that time was the sun. It was so nice so we played the sun and shot some pictures. Hehehe... di pa ko marunong kumuha ng magandang anggulo...

We had our dinner in "ihaw-ihaw" manner. For me, that was the best dinner I ever had on that island... Hehehe... sobrang sarap kaya lang di naman ako kumakain ng seafoods so di ko kinain yung pusit... Hanggang isda lang ako. I only had one rice that time and the rest had 2 cups... Wahahaha...ang tatakaw...

There was a show that time sponsored by San Miguel. The event was okay because of the RnB music played by an unknown band. But when it was rock music time... haaaayyy... inantok na ko... hehehe... But my senses woke up again because of a certain beach body competition... hehehe... it was a cool show.

We came back to hotel and had our rest and of course to sleep.

Day 4

It was our last day on the island so we packed our things to prepare for our departure at 12 noon.

As a remembrance, we took some time to take pictures inside and outside the hotel. We are running out of time so we decided to have our breakfast

We had our breakfast again where we ate on our second day on the island. The food was okay and of course at that time, Milo was available! April chose to use the remaining coffee sachet that we got from "Kusina ni Bebang".

Afterwards, we decided to take some pictures (again) and made fun under the sun.

We hurried back to the hotel to make the final preparation. We are running out of time so best made his final shower on the other floor of the hotel.

We arrived on the Batangas pier at around 2pm so we took first our lunch and went directly to a bus that will bring us to Manila! At exactly 6pm, I was already in Pasig.Whew! Such a long story to tell. Anyway, the vacation was fun and we really enjoyed our stay in Puerto Galera. We are planning to have our adventure next year in Boracay... Hahaha... Let's see...

For additional pictures, click on the following link:
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astig...da best tlga! sana maulit muli.... :P

Anonymous said...

Actually my part 3!!! Check mo best yung site ko ulit, at andun na yung album 3, guess what... its over 500 pictures galing sa cel ni april at sa digicam mo !!!! kaya gawan mo rin ng link!!! ayyT? tnx!

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