Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dinner Treat - the 'Allan' way

Allan just came from Singapore and of course, kelangan nya manlibre! Wahehehe... It was 28th of May when he decided to treat us for dinner.

I was busy with my work and in a rush to finish all necessary things before leaving the office. Aybs was continuously texting about the meeting place. So I hurried to the Old Spaghetti House at the back of Paseo Center. When I arrived there, Tong was not around, the people there were Aybs, Sonny, Allan and Chi. So we ordered food and what did I take? Hahaha... Asian Chicken Salad! (yun nga ba yun?!)

Sonny also ordered a salad and the rest of them, they took pasta! Wahahaha... Honestly, nagtabaan yung tatlo! Hahaha!!! Anyway, we had this conversation and kumustahans among us. Chichi was supposed to leave for UK last week pero nagkaaberya. Allan will be leaving for India but not sure yet. Aybs and Sonny just came from Hong Kong to ... ano nga ba?! Di ko alam eh, pero wala syang pasalubong!

Speaking of pasalubong, Aybs gave us a wonderful and magnificent magnet from UK (labas sa ilong)... Grabe it was so nice and so beautiful, I had two! Meanwhile, Allan did not bring his pasalubong for us from SG since it was raining that day and it might get wet daw. We are hoping for a coffee after dinner but we were not successful in convincing Allan but there will always be a next time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday x 4

Last May 20, I woke up early because we will be celebrating Ate's 30th birthday! We prepared our things and foods. Our destination was in Pasig Rainforest, a resort made for the PasigueƱos. The place was okay and masaya kasi madaming tao. We arrived there at around 8:30 in the morning.

At around 11:30, the birthday celebrant, my oldest sister arrived together with her friend's pamangkins. Ate brought some drinks and sandwiches. I prepared myself and packed my things for I will be on my next destination, SM North EDSA. I left them enjoying the pool and having a great time.

I arrived in Fitness First SM North EDSA at around 1pm. I had shower and fixed myself. Since also that day I was an on call support for Bank of India, I brought the company laptop and made some "work" in Gloria Jeans cafe while I was waiting for other to arrive. Hay, thank God at walang call that day! Hehehe...

Wendel arrived then Maret was next. We shopped quickly to buy gifts for the birthday celebrants. Our feet took us to Bench and purchased 3 underwears. The celebration site was Dencio's Trinoma! We got there at almost 5:30pm. We started to make our order and of course, made some picture taking sessions.

What we ordered? Sobrang dami! Hehehe... Nakakataba sya!!! I was wondering about Wendel's status that day. I thought he was in a hurry because he had work that day at 8 in the evening and he must leave around 7pm. But he was enjoying the food and ate a lot! Wahahaha...

Everyone was having one while eating, picture taking and of course daldalan and wlang katapusang kuwentuhan. That time, birthday celebrants Ryan and April was there, also Rhea was there, a college classmate and friend. I think, kami ang pinakamaingay that time sa place... hehehe... By the way, April and Rhea made an appeal because the Bulalo that we ordered eh parang lasang tubig lang. Hehehe... ang tataray nila no?!

Afterwards, Maret's cousin Angel came and made some kuwentuhan with us. She was full that time so she did not eat na rin. Then the 4th celebrant finally came. May came into the spotlight at around 8 or 9 in the evening. Wala ng pagkain kaya nagdusa sya! hehehe... Pero inabot pa rin kami ng matagal dun dahil sa kuwentuhan at "picture! picture!". Sobrang ingay na nila May, April at Rhea! Hahaha...

Our next pit stop was in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf... (tama ba?!) of course to have coffee and for May to have her dinner... Also in that place, I got a chance to open the laptop to check some client emails and thank God there was a plug near my seat. They also used the laptop to copy the captured moments for that day. Ryan brought pasta for May somewhere the TriNoma.

We left the mall at around 1 or 2 in the morning I think. Whew! Such a busy day for me but it was an enjoyable way of killing the stress at work!

For additional pictures, you may visit the following link:
Ate's 3oth Birthday
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Break Up and Show Up

Last 18th of May, that was Friday, I received a YM message from Wendel informing me that he wants to go out and relax. So I immediately texted Maret and our meeting place was in KFC Ayala MRT. I admit, I was late on the call time because of the heavy loads of work in the office. So from there, we went to SM Mall of Asia by taxi. There, we had our dinner in Max's. At that moment, Wendel was telling the stories regarding the "break up" event with his girlfriend, the lasted for one and a half months... hehehe... The reason why they broke up? Third party, possesiveness, etc... and I don't want to elaborate the details more. So that was why Wendel wanted to relax and maybe to forget some heart aches that he was feeling that day.

And to be more relaxed, we headed to Eastwood, Libis to visit our friend that is working in the Basement. We want to get inside the bar but it was full of people and "gimikeros" that night. so we decided to just sit on the front of the entrance of the Basement to watch out for Charlie's appearance. There we had some beer and konting "pulutans". Maret and I took only 1 beer but Wendel had 5!

At around 1 in the morning Wendel spotted Charlie from the entrance of the Basement and we called him! Alas, he showed up finally. We haven't seen each other for almost 5 months, our dear friend was taking a break from his work when we called him to join in our table. Syempre sandali lang sya kasi nga break time lang nya yun. It was such a nice moment seeing his smiling face again... hahaha!!! Di pa rin nagbago hitsura... After 15 or 20 minutes, he get back to work. Wendel called Maret's cousin Angel and at around 2 or 3 in the morning, Angel arrived and had a konting kuwentuhan with us. She came from her work in Buendia Makati. We left the place at around 3:30am and it was such a tiring night!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Day It Was

Last week, May 17, my teammates and I had a lunchout in Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Paseo Center. I don't know what's the occasion but it was my team lead's treat! Hmmm... baka gusto nya manlibre... hehehe... Or maybe a farewell lunch because at the end of month, our four java trainees will be leaving us team and will be transferred to other department. Also, it could be a celebration for our new teammates and welcoming them with wide open arms. Hay naku, halos wala ako nakain kasi busong pa ako that time. But it was a nice thing to see your co-workers eating more than you imagine! Hahaha!!!

Also on that same day, I had a training under a Technical Lead for the Securities module of our banking system. The training run smoothly and in fairness, di sya nakakaantok unlike sa iba na nakabukas lang ang mata ko pero tulog, hehehe... The training was informative and I have learned several business process for the said module.

After the training, on my way home, grabe ang trapik!!! Baket? Because that time, the canvassing for the mayoralty race was a big issue and the city hall of Pasig was fulled with supporters of Eusebio and Jaworski. Each teams were accusing of cheating. I thought it will be a long night and long days of debate to proclaim the winners. Who did I vote for mayor? Jaworski to check his ability and governing tasks. The Eusebio family has been "owning" the Pasig for 15 years. As of writing, Eusebio was declared the winner but up to now, the rallies still continues.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother's Day & Election

Maret and I met last Saturday, 12th of May for me to pay her 500 pesos for the Smart Load she sent me (sideline nya kasi ang ELoad!). Our meeting place was in Gloria Jeans Cafe in Megamall and of course, since I'm an on call support for Singapore clients, I brought the company laptop. We had coffee and talked for a while. Then we headed directly to SM Appliance Center, there she bought a washing machine. There was an incident where a customer was shouting because it took her almost 3 hours waiting for her to pay and she was indeed saying that she will pay in cold cash so why giving more importance to those who only uses credit card. Hehehe, Maret was kinda shy at that moment. After that we went to Western for me to purchase Microwave oven as a present for my mom in Mother's Day.

We felt tired so we decided to have our dinner in Super Bowl. The food was great and the price was so reasonable.

The next day, Mother's Day, my mom went to market and I accompanied her. Noon lang ulit ako nakapunta ng palengke! Because of my protein diet and my mom is avoiding meat these days, we bought moslty fish and vegetables. We bought galunggong, bangus and tilapia. Then she prepared dishes for those fishes... hehehe... We celebrated Mother's Day in a simple way, we were just at home and did the "concert" series using Magic Sing... hahahaha!!!

Then on the next day, it was election day! Hmmm... I went to my precinct at around 10 am and after that, I went to Fitness First Makati to workout. Who did I vote? Hehehe, they were:
  1. Loren Legarda
  2. Chiz Escudero
  3. Ping Lacson
  4. Manny Villar
  5. Noynoy Aquino
  6. Mike Defensor
  7. Migz Zubiri
  8. Edgardo Angara
  9. Joker Arroyo
  10. Francis Pangilinan
  11. Ralph Recto
  12. i forgot the 12th

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Team Building @ Fisher's Farm Resort

Our quarterly team building was held last 11th of May at the Fisher's Farm Resort in Cavite. By getting there, I have to ride with my manager's car together with 3 other officemates. My manager was not that familiar in the place kaya naligaw kami. We almost reached Tagaytay! hehehe... When we arrived there, we had our breakfast then games then lunch!

We had Jollibee meal for the breakfast and of course, I gave my rice to my officemates because I don't eat rice... hehehe... Then in lunch, I had lechong manok and tinolang manok, itlog na maalat, again, without rice... hahaha...

The place was very relaxing and the atmosphere was very nice. The pool was quite big but I did not swim kasi wala ako sa mood, puyat kasi.

There were billiard tables so others can play while waiting for the next activity. There was also a videoke and my officemates were singing out loud! We left the place at around 5:30 and again, naligaw pa rin kami pabalik ng Manila, hehehe... di kasi familiar si manager sa place...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Payment and Deduction

Exactly one week ago, 5th of May, Wendel and I met at the SM Megamall because he has something to give me, and that is in cash! hehehe... Our meeting place was in Gloria Jeans Cafe. On that day, I bought with me the laptop provided to my by the company because I was an on call support for Bank of India. Then he came, as always, LATE!!! We had a coffee and he bought some pastries. We stayed there for at least an hour and I got no call from the people from Singapore hub! Yehey!

Then we headed to Dencio's because Wendel was complaining that he had not his lunch yet. So kahit busog pa ako, pinagbigyan ko na... hehehe... We had sisig, ensaladang mangga, bangus belly soup and I forgot the other dish. We had fun while eating and talking about our college lives. Hahaha... sobrang nakakamiss yung mga days na yun! Pati mga pambubully saken nung high school nakuwento ko! hehehe...

Afterwards, we went around the department store because it was sale on that moment in SM Megamall. I bought a polo and a pant. To my surprise, my waist line now is 30! Wahahaha!!! I lost 8 inches because the jeans that I was wearing that time was 38 inches and sobrang luwang nya talaga. Samantalang dati sakto lang yun! Hehehe... Then we parted our ways at around 7 to 7:30 kasi may pasok pa sya ng 8 in the evening.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stress at Work

Around 7pm on the 9th of May, I received an email from a project manager, specifically from Fortis Bank in Brussels, Belgium. It was an email that made me mad. The email stated that people in Manila is not doing their work and not that productive. There was a certain system error that was assigned to me, I was asking for log files and screenshots for me to investigate the problem. Instead I got a suggestion made by former employee of Misys in Brussels but now directly connected with the bank, I just thought that it can be a help to their problem but I never said that it will be the final solution to the error. The manager emailed us that it was so embarassing that a client made a solution to the problem. Then I replied that I never told that it was really the solution because even if I tried such suggestion to my test system, still I cannot reproduce the error. And then he started to say things about people in Manila that we are not doing our work. He has many programmers onsite but also cannot resolve the issue and now he is expecting me to finish the problem while I'm in the Philippines and cannot directly witness the error of the system that the client reported? How could he say those words! I am doing my job and I have resolved many issues reported by that bank and now he is saying that we are not productive and not doing our work.
I am doing my work! I work even Saturdays and Sundays. The company provided me a laptop and gave me remote access to the network so that even if I'm home, I can access the network and resolve the issues for Bank of India in Singapore hub. I hate those kind of managers that are saying things without concrete proof. Good things my manager and team lead here in Manila are supporting me and also did not feel good about such email from Belgium. Did I cry? Yes! I felt that still, I am not at my best even if I give my all to every assignments that were given to me. I don't think I deserve such treatment. If he only knew how hard I worked about it and seeing those words from his email really made me ask myself if I did something wrong. I hate it and I have promised to myself that I won't take any other assignments from that f*ckin' bank.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Movie Watching Hesitations

1. The Chanting : April 1 - This movie is an Indonesia film. At first, I was hesitant to see this but since I wanted to be scared that day, I still watched it. The movie plot was okay, on how the music/chant made other people's lives miserable and died in a tragic way. Also, the director did not fail in scaring the people watching it, nakakatakot din naman... What made the movie frightening was the location, an old house near the cemetery. The lightning and the camera trick was fine. The lead character is so pretty and can act very well. The sounds effect was used in an excellent manner, nakakagulat!!! Overall, the film wasn't bad, it was good. I heard that it earned lots of money in the box office record in Indonesia.

2. Sunshine : April 15 - Another film I hesitated to watch at first but I was convinced then to see it. This movie is quite okay. A new concept of story, on how to save the planet by putting an active existence for the sun. People are dying because the sun is dying. I just did not like the phasing of the story, so bagal. But the actors were good and bigatin din naman. The special effects? Not that good because I have seen it in other scifi films. But the film succeeded in creating a big ball of fire, the colors and the environment showed was pretty good.

3. The Hills Have Eyes 2 : April 21 - I was in Gloria Jeans cafe in Megamall on this day. I was busy downloading mp3s thru WiFi then I realized that this movie was showing. At first, I don't want to be interrupted in downloading and surfing the net. But suddenly, I was eager to watch it because I have seen the first part (click here to see my review in part one). So I hurried to Shangri-La (di sya palabas sa Megamall kasi R-18) and bought tickets immediately. So far, this is the most gruesome, most violent film I've ever seen this year. Mas nakakadiri at mas nakakatakot kesa sa part one. Two thumbs up! I loved it, more characters, lesser villains but every scenes, whew! galing! The rape scene was so violent but I loved it... hehehe...

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