Saturday, May 26, 2007

Break Up and Show Up

Last 18th of May, that was Friday, I received a YM message from Wendel informing me that he wants to go out and relax. So I immediately texted Maret and our meeting place was in KFC Ayala MRT. I admit, I was late on the call time because of the heavy loads of work in the office. So from there, we went to SM Mall of Asia by taxi. There, we had our dinner in Max's. At that moment, Wendel was telling the stories regarding the "break up" event with his girlfriend, the lasted for one and a half months... hehehe... The reason why they broke up? Third party, possesiveness, etc... and I don't want to elaborate the details more. So that was why Wendel wanted to relax and maybe to forget some heart aches that he was feeling that day.

And to be more relaxed, we headed to Eastwood, Libis to visit our friend that is working in the Basement. We want to get inside the bar but it was full of people and "gimikeros" that night. so we decided to just sit on the front of the entrance of the Basement to watch out for Charlie's appearance. There we had some beer and konting "pulutans". Maret and I took only 1 beer but Wendel had 5!

At around 1 in the morning Wendel spotted Charlie from the entrance of the Basement and we called him! Alas, he showed up finally. We haven't seen each other for almost 5 months, our dear friend was taking a break from his work when we called him to join in our table. Syempre sandali lang sya kasi nga break time lang nya yun. It was such a nice moment seeing his smiling face again... hahaha!!! Di pa rin nagbago hitsura... After 15 or 20 minutes, he get back to work. Wendel called Maret's cousin Angel and at around 2 or 3 in the morning, Angel arrived and had a konting kuwentuhan with us. She came from her work in Buendia Makati. We left the place at around 3:30am and it was such a tiring night!


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