Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dinner Treat - the 'Allan' way

Allan just came from Singapore and of course, kelangan nya manlibre! Wahehehe... It was 28th of May when he decided to treat us for dinner.

I was busy with my work and in a rush to finish all necessary things before leaving the office. Aybs was continuously texting about the meeting place. So I hurried to the Old Spaghetti House at the back of Paseo Center. When I arrived there, Tong was not around, the people there were Aybs, Sonny, Allan and Chi. So we ordered food and what did I take? Hahaha... Asian Chicken Salad! (yun nga ba yun?!)

Sonny also ordered a salad and the rest of them, they took pasta! Wahahaha... Honestly, nagtabaan yung tatlo! Hahaha!!! Anyway, we had this conversation and kumustahans among us. Chichi was supposed to leave for UK last week pero nagkaaberya. Allan will be leaving for India but not sure yet. Aybs and Sonny just came from Hong Kong to ... ano nga ba?! Di ko alam eh, pero wala syang pasalubong!

Speaking of pasalubong, Aybs gave us a wonderful and magnificent magnet from UK (labas sa ilong)... Grabe it was so nice and so beautiful, I had two! Meanwhile, Allan did not bring his pasalubong for us from SG since it was raining that day and it might get wet daw. We are hoping for a coffee after dinner but we were not successful in convincing Allan but there will always be a next time.


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