Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Movie Watching Hesitations

1. The Chanting : April 1 - This movie is an Indonesia film. At first, I was hesitant to see this but since I wanted to be scared that day, I still watched it. The movie plot was okay, on how the music/chant made other people's lives miserable and died in a tragic way. Also, the director did not fail in scaring the people watching it, nakakatakot din naman... What made the movie frightening was the location, an old house near the cemetery. The lightning and the camera trick was fine. The lead character is so pretty and can act very well. The sounds effect was used in an excellent manner, nakakagulat!!! Overall, the film wasn't bad, it was good. I heard that it earned lots of money in the box office record in Indonesia.

2. Sunshine : April 15 - Another film I hesitated to watch at first but I was convinced then to see it. This movie is quite okay. A new concept of story, on how to save the planet by putting an active existence for the sun. People are dying because the sun is dying. I just did not like the phasing of the story, so bagal. But the actors were good and bigatin din naman. The special effects? Not that good because I have seen it in other scifi films. But the film succeeded in creating a big ball of fire, the colors and the environment showed was pretty good.

3. The Hills Have Eyes 2 : April 21 - I was in Gloria Jeans cafe in Megamall on this day. I was busy downloading mp3s thru WiFi then I realized that this movie was showing. At first, I don't want to be interrupted in downloading and surfing the net. But suddenly, I was eager to watch it because I have seen the first part (click here to see my review in part one). So I hurried to Shangri-La (di sya palabas sa Megamall kasi R-18) and bought tickets immediately. So far, this is the most gruesome, most violent film I've ever seen this year. Mas nakakadiri at mas nakakatakot kesa sa part one. Two thumbs up! I loved it, more characters, lesser villains but every scenes, whew! galing! The rape scene was so violent but I loved it... hehehe...


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