Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stress at Work

Around 7pm on the 9th of May, I received an email from a project manager, specifically from Fortis Bank in Brussels, Belgium. It was an email that made me mad. The email stated that people in Manila is not doing their work and not that productive. There was a certain system error that was assigned to me, I was asking for log files and screenshots for me to investigate the problem. Instead I got a suggestion made by former employee of Misys in Brussels but now directly connected with the bank, I just thought that it can be a help to their problem but I never said that it will be the final solution to the error. The manager emailed us that it was so embarassing that a client made a solution to the problem. Then I replied that I never told that it was really the solution because even if I tried such suggestion to my test system, still I cannot reproduce the error. And then he started to say things about people in Manila that we are not doing our work. He has many programmers onsite but also cannot resolve the issue and now he is expecting me to finish the problem while I'm in the Philippines and cannot directly witness the error of the system that the client reported? How could he say those words! I am doing my job and I have resolved many issues reported by that bank and now he is saying that we are not productive and not doing our work.
I am doing my work! I work even Saturdays and Sundays. The company provided me a laptop and gave me remote access to the network so that even if I'm home, I can access the network and resolve the issues for Bank of India in Singapore hub. I hate those kind of managers that are saying things without concrete proof. Good things my manager and team lead here in Manila are supporting me and also did not feel good about such email from Belgium. Did I cry? Yes! I felt that still, I am not at my best even if I give my all to every assignments that were given to me. I don't think I deserve such treatment. If he only knew how hard I worked about it and seeing those words from his email really made me ask myself if I did something wrong. I hate it and I have promised to myself that I won't take any other assignments from that f*ckin' bank.


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