Thursday, June 28, 2007

Should I or Should I Not?

I have these three major plans in my life now and I just can't tell it to anyone. Yeah, it sucks because I don't have the power or strength to tell it because I want to keep to myself first. And if the time comes that I am ready to tell it to them then let it be.
Plan #1 has been surrounding my mind these past few weeks. There was a starting point but I don't know how to stand or how to begin. I don't know if the initial information is true or is valid reason for me not to pursue it. Should I try? Or I should just keep it to myself forever. I always felt like this something before but I just can't directly discuss it nor give it a shot. Whew, I just hope that I will have the right time at the right place... but when and where?
Plan #2 seems to be the easiest. Actually I just don't know if I should do it because the thing that will be left behind is something that made me feel that I am important, that I am useful and needed. Should I just turn back on them and see other probable environment that will make me more comfortable or should I stay on that "thing" and continue with the flow and enjoy the benefits and fulfillment that it gives to me?
Plan #3 seems to be the hardest. I will miss all the things that I used to for over three years. Should I just throw all those memories and bring it to this "ultimate plan"? I know this plan will give me a lot of aches and hardships at the start but who knows what it will bring me to the end. It is something that really needs a responsible and quality decision. But I think I will pursue the initial step on this.
Living like this sometimes makes me feel that there is something that is missing. I just can't explain what it is but I am looking forward to discover it by myself. I just need to see the path on where should I step on.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cute ng Ina Gone Bad

After a tiring overtime work in the office, I headed directly to Fitness First Ortigas to workout alone. I concentrated on my shoulders and triceps. Afterwards, I went to AstroVision in Megamall to purchase CDs.

When the movie 'Cute ng Ina Mo' was still showing, my mother wanted to watch it but my aunt can't come with us because no one will take care of our grandmother. So we decided that I'll just buy the VCD for that movie when it come out so that everyone can enjoy the film. I'm sure that the movie is hilarious just the same of what AiAi showed on her previous movies under Star Cinema.

The next thing that I bought was Rihanna's new CD, 'Good Girl Gone Bad'. Her song Umbrella has been bugging my ears for weeks now. I really love the song! I had it on my iPod, a music video on my laptop and now I have her CD! hehehe... The song is the currently the #1 song in the US for I think 4 weeks now! Wow! Rihanna has changed a lot especially her looks, she is sexier now and I love the new hair! Her previous hits were 'Pon de Replay', the song that almost reached the #1 spot against Mariah's 'We Belong Together', 'S.O.S.' and 'Break It Off' with Sean Paul. I love this girl from Barbados...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Past and Present PTs

I started to have a personal trainer last December 3, 2006. My home branch is in Fitness First RSC Makati but I chose to get a trainer from Ortigas Branch. Why? The truth is, most of the trainers in RSC Makati were huge, mas malaki pa sa akin. So I asked myself, how can they help me lose weight if they themselves couldn't make it. Hehehe... Afterwards, Mawel and I had a professional relationship as trainor-client. Our regular schedule was Tuesday, Thursday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm. Since then, we became close friends and malapit ng maging magkumpare, hehehe... I even invited him on my birthday celebration. But he was transferred to Greenhills branch and I decided to get another trainor. Malayo na Greenhills saken and besides, I knew that he will be resigning from the fitness industry since hindi nya gusto ang palakad ng management ng Fitness First.

After almost a month, Mawel and I met again in SM Megamall. It was 22nd of June when we had our dinner in Yellow Cab and had konting kuwentuhan and kumustahan. We ordered pizza and pasta. We also had this "business" transaction that we have to discuss. He have already resigned from Fitness First and it's effectivity date is on June 30. He told me that he is hoping that his next job will be in Solar Sports. Also, her wife Meng is due on October, he is so excited to be a father! Hehehe... I can't thank enough this guy for what he did to me, grabe ang laki kaya ng pinayat ko! Hehehe... He is really a good trainor.

The present happening in my workout sessions is that I have a new trainer. After I received the news that Mawel was transferred to other branch, I called immediately the RSC Makati office to look for a trainer for me. Ayoko non sa RSC Makati kasi loyal ako kay Mawel, hehehe... Then Joel became my new personal trainer. Honestly, mabait naman sya at madaling pakisamahan. If Mawel's target for my me was weight loss and body toning, Joel's duty is to transform me into muscle filled body, hehehe... He is a Filipino chinese and they have a family business.

He was a varsity player in basketball when he was in college. He also told me that he topped the PT Level 1 exam in Fitness First, hahaha... nagyabang! As of now, I can tell that he has a good future in the fitness industry. Kahit almost 2 months palang syang nagwowork, nakita ko namang masipag sya. Makuwento syang tao kaya masaya ring kaworkout. He had some modeling exposures and sometimes an "extra" in independent movies. So far, so good. I'm sure magiging close din kami ni Joel because of his kindness and dedication to our goal. Our regular schedule is MWF at lunch time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Eyes Wide Open for 24 Hrs.

Last Friday, 15th of June was indeed an 'eyes wide open' night for me, I was awake for 24 hours beginning 6am Friday 'til 6am Saturday. Whew! But the night was fun and I really enjoyed being with my friends.

The first location, SM Megamall. My friends Carren, Melissa and JM was waiting for me in Starbucks, it was almost a no show for me. Nalobat kasi ako!!! Hehehe... But at least I saw them on that meeting place. Afterwards, we went to Teriyaki Boy to have our dinner. Wendel also arrived after 30 minutes. Del, Carren and Mel ordered chicken. I ordered salmon and I think JM had beef. It was such a cool dinner as we were talking about the birth of Carren's first baby and Mel and JM's plan to have a baby but still they couldn't make it.

At around 9:30pm, Mel and JM went home kasi may pasok pa sila ng 4 in the morning. So Me, Carren and Del headed to Eastwood. But Carren had to leave early because her 'Be' will be picking her up. So together with Wendel, we waited the arrival of Ryan and Maret. After 2 hours of waiting, we were complete!!!

We had fries and some chicken fingers on our table. The three of them had San Mig Light, I only had Gatorade! Wahahahaa!!! As usual, it was long kuwentuhans with my superfriends. Wendel was making a drama that night because he badly needed money that time but with the help of my 'kakulitan' power, unti unti nya ring nalimot ang problema nya! We were hoping to see Charlie again but we failed. Afterwards, we looked for a place where we can have coffee.

Alas, the only coffee shop that was opened that time (around 3 in the morning I think) was Gloria Jeans. So we had our coffee there and some cookies and curls. We had this never ending stories about the accomplishments and failures we had in our work and personal matters. We shared a lot of common things kaya di kame nagsasawang kasama ang isa't isa.

Wendel was still in the state of problem shock but he was forgetting it gradually. Maret was in the mood of complaining about her training in Fujitsu, halos wala na raw syang tulog sa kakagawa ng assignments. Hahaha... But I'm sure she will make it 'til the end of the training. Ryan was enjoying to do his workout sessions in Fitness First Libis as celebrities were working out there too. Nabaliw ata sya kay Maureen... hehehe... We still hoped that Charlie will appear that time but still, no "happy face" was found. We parted ways at around 6 in the morning. The most important thing is that I enjoyed the night!

More pictures are available by clicking HERE.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Changes, Adjustments, Improvement

I've been thinking these past few days on what's going on in my life now? If I'm contented, happy with it or still looking and searching for a greener pasture? Hehehe... There are some things that have changed and needs improvement and be able to adjust to the new environment that I am currently living with.

I have a new personal trainer now in Fitness First and my training branch is now in Makati RSC. My new trainer is Joel, a Filipino-Chinese and a fresh graduate of Physical Therapy. My training session before was in Fitness First Ortigas because my trainer Mawel was based there. Unfortunately because of some management process, Mawel was transferred to Greenhills branch. Nainis ako that time! I was close na with Mawel, I knew his wife and happy that he will be a father soon. I have considered him as one of my closest friends. Masyado na malayo sa akin ang Greenhills branch. So I told Mawel that I will transfer all my remaining PT sessions to my home branch, RSC. Para na rin makaganti sa management ng Ortigas kasi pag lumipat ako ng branch for the remaining sessions, mababawasan sila ng sales... wahahaha!!! But honestly, it was really a sad news for me, mas madalas ko pa nga makita si Mawel kesa sa mga super friends ko, hehehe... But I can always visit him in that branch pero sa sked ko ngayon, mejo malabo pa. We will always be friends and he even told me na kukunin nya raw akong ninong ng magiging first baby nila, hehehe...

Back to my new trainer Joel, based on our first three training sessions, kahit baguhan sya, he's really good and we were doing some new approach on weight loss and weight training. We were doing fine but now I am doing an adjustment for him, baka kasi makumpara ko sya kay Mawel, kung sino mas magaling and mas okay magtrain. Let's see if we can be good friends aside from that professional relationship, kelangan mapababa pa nya timbang ko! Wahahaha!!!

Improvement to my side is my weight now, a total of 50 lbs has been lost and now I am facing a new problem!!! STRETCH MARKS (popularly known as "Kamot"). It was so nasty to see those marks caused by my previous weight of almost 210 lbs. I have set a schedule to Belo Medical Center in Podium. I will be undergoing 6 laser treatments para matanggal sya! Is this the price that I should be paying for losing weight and living a healthier life? Also today, I am having difficulty wearing my clothes, sobrang laki na nila sa akin!!! Parang kumot ko na yung isang polo ko. Also my jeans, nyaks! di ko na masuot sa sobrang luwag! So I should do my shopping marathon soon, need to buy new clothes and this time, I should be picking Medium size shirts and jeans with 30 waistline. Haaayy... another price to pay dahil sa pagpapapayat.

Today, I need to adjust naman sa work environment dahil sa new officemate na dumating and lumisan! hehehe... My two buddies were transferred to another department, sayang lang di nila naabutan yung incentive scheme! Wahahaha!!! I have a new teammate now and he was my former colleague in Fujitsu, he's nice naman and looking forward to have a good environment with him just like the previous days...

Right now, up to here na lang, workout muna ako! Magpapapayat!!! Wahahaha!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Workout and School Rush

I was supposed to have a training session with my personal trainer Mawel in Fitness First Ortigas last Sunday, 3rd of June BUT a sudden change occurred, I'll talk about it on my future entry. Anyway, since Mawel was not available that day, I had my workout in Fitness First North EDSA with my bestfriend Ryan. Again, I was an instant trainor for thim that day, hehehe... kaya medyo pinahirapan ko...

Our routine that day was cross training. Since he is a beginner, I gave him overall body workout. I gave him chest, shoulder, back, biceps and triceps exercises. I noticed that he has improved since the last time we worked out together, mas alam na nya yung positions. We were done in our workout around 2:30pm and headed directly to sauna bath. (More Fitness First North EDSA pictures HERE).

Since wala pa akong kinakain that day, I decided to buy my most favorite fruit shake in the world, avocado shake in Juice Avenue... hehehe... Really good talaga! Sobrang sarap. My bestfriend and I parted ways around 3pm and I went to SM Megamall naman to buy school supplies for my sister and Gian.

Since I was also hungry that time, we ate first before go shopping because for sure, nakakapagod yun. My mom was also hungry that moment and she suggested Triple V Express, it was an 'Eat All You Can Merienda' time so I grabbed the idea to have merienda meals. My mom, Gian and my sisters Joy, CheChe and Mayang were enjoying the pasta and other meals. Also with us was my Ate's closest friend Tina because she also bought shool things for her pamangkin. Of course, no pasta, no carbo rule!!! Hehehe... What did I eat? Wag na, maawa pa kayo...

Then the moment of nakakahilo time came, haaayy... sobrang nakakapagod. My youngest sister and Gian were selecting good stuffs and other school materials for the school opening. I bought bag and shoes for Gian, his notebooks and other things were accomplished na last week pa. So Mayang took all she needed in school, she also had shoes and bag. Sobrang nakakapagod talaga, dami pa tao. That day, I spent almost five thousand. We left the mall at 8 in the evening.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Movie Sequel and Last Installment

Summer movies are simply the best! Last May 2006, I also had a good time watching movies for that month and this year, the saga for watching excellent movies continues... You may view last year's movie review by clicking HERE.

1. Spiderman 3, May 1 @ 6:50pm - Whew! I watched this film on the first day of it's showing! Yahoo!!! I watched this together with my high school friends. I think, this is the best Spiderman movie, this is the last installment for the series and yet, this is the greatest! As always, the director really did a great job! It was not just entertaining, but also exciting... hehehe... Love the special effects on those fight scenes and action moves by Tobey. The villains were all good! Also, the story seems to be lecturing on the lesson of forgiveness. Indeed, without anger in your heart, you can live your life in an easy way and you will be filled of joys. Loved this film!

2. 28 Weeks Later, May 13 @ 5:40pm - After a workout session with my personal trainor in Fitness First Ortigas, I headed directly to SM Megamall to watch the sequel of 28 Days Later. The movie was quite scary and some of the scenes were so "nakakadiri". Loved the cinematic expression of lightness and darkness in the cinematography effects. Also, the makeup for gruesome creatures quite okay. The story is about the new generation of survivors for such horrifying disease and in the end, the tragic spreading of the virus restarted. Such a good thing for the script that there were people who are naturally resistant to the virus. The actors were good and the directory definitely delivered what the audiences were expecting to a horror movie.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, May 23 @ 6:55pm - This is again a last installment for the Pirates movie. I also watched this film on it's first showing day in Glorietta together with my teammates in the office. Actually, it was a team building and after the movie, we had dinner in Marina. Back to the film, as always, the movie was so entertaining and in some manner, hilarious! The special effects team did not fail to create a wonderful and masterpiece scenery of the ocean field. Really cool film! I also enjoyed the role played by the monkey (i forgot the character name)... hehehe... Is this the best Pirates movie of the three? Hmmm... You may see my review on Pirates 2 by clicking HERE.

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