Saturday, June 2, 2007

Movie Sequel and Last Installment

Summer movies are simply the best! Last May 2006, I also had a good time watching movies for that month and this year, the saga for watching excellent movies continues... You may view last year's movie review by clicking HERE.

1. Spiderman 3, May 1 @ 6:50pm - Whew! I watched this film on the first day of it's showing! Yahoo!!! I watched this together with my high school friends. I think, this is the best Spiderman movie, this is the last installment for the series and yet, this is the greatest! As always, the director really did a great job! It was not just entertaining, but also exciting... hehehe... Love the special effects on those fight scenes and action moves by Tobey. The villains were all good! Also, the story seems to be lecturing on the lesson of forgiveness. Indeed, without anger in your heart, you can live your life in an easy way and you will be filled of joys. Loved this film!

2. 28 Weeks Later, May 13 @ 5:40pm - After a workout session with my personal trainor in Fitness First Ortigas, I headed directly to SM Megamall to watch the sequel of 28 Days Later. The movie was quite scary and some of the scenes were so "nakakadiri". Loved the cinematic expression of lightness and darkness in the cinematography effects. Also, the makeup for gruesome creatures quite okay. The story is about the new generation of survivors for such horrifying disease and in the end, the tragic spreading of the virus restarted. Such a good thing for the script that there were people who are naturally resistant to the virus. The actors were good and the directory definitely delivered what the audiences were expecting to a horror movie.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, May 23 @ 6:55pm - This is again a last installment for the Pirates movie. I also watched this film on it's first showing day in Glorietta together with my teammates in the office. Actually, it was a team building and after the movie, we had dinner in Marina. Back to the film, as always, the movie was so entertaining and in some manner, hilarious! The special effects team did not fail to create a wonderful and masterpiece scenery of the ocean field. Really cool film! I also enjoyed the role played by the monkey (i forgot the character name)... hehehe... Is this the best Pirates movie of the three? Hmmm... You may see my review on Pirates 2 by clicking HERE.


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