Friday, June 22, 2007

Past and Present PTs

I started to have a personal trainer last December 3, 2006. My home branch is in Fitness First RSC Makati but I chose to get a trainer from Ortigas Branch. Why? The truth is, most of the trainers in RSC Makati were huge, mas malaki pa sa akin. So I asked myself, how can they help me lose weight if they themselves couldn't make it. Hehehe... Afterwards, Mawel and I had a professional relationship as trainor-client. Our regular schedule was Tuesday, Thursday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm. Since then, we became close friends and malapit ng maging magkumpare, hehehe... I even invited him on my birthday celebration. But he was transferred to Greenhills branch and I decided to get another trainor. Malayo na Greenhills saken and besides, I knew that he will be resigning from the fitness industry since hindi nya gusto ang palakad ng management ng Fitness First.

After almost a month, Mawel and I met again in SM Megamall. It was 22nd of June when we had our dinner in Yellow Cab and had konting kuwentuhan and kumustahan. We ordered pizza and pasta. We also had this "business" transaction that we have to discuss. He have already resigned from Fitness First and it's effectivity date is on June 30. He told me that he is hoping that his next job will be in Solar Sports. Also, her wife Meng is due on October, he is so excited to be a father! Hehehe... I can't thank enough this guy for what he did to me, grabe ang laki kaya ng pinayat ko! Hehehe... He is really a good trainor.

The present happening in my workout sessions is that I have a new trainer. After I received the news that Mawel was transferred to other branch, I called immediately the RSC Makati office to look for a trainer for me. Ayoko non sa RSC Makati kasi loyal ako kay Mawel, hehehe... Then Joel became my new personal trainer. Honestly, mabait naman sya at madaling pakisamahan. If Mawel's target for my me was weight loss and body toning, Joel's duty is to transform me into muscle filled body, hehehe... He is a Filipino chinese and they have a family business.

He was a varsity player in basketball when he was in college. He also told me that he topped the PT Level 1 exam in Fitness First, hahaha... nagyabang! As of now, I can tell that he has a good future in the fitness industry. Kahit almost 2 months palang syang nagwowork, nakita ko namang masipag sya. Makuwento syang tao kaya masaya ring kaworkout. He had some modeling exposures and sometimes an "extra" in independent movies. So far, so good. I'm sure magiging close din kami ni Joel because of his kindness and dedication to our goal. Our regular schedule is MWF at lunch time.


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