Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Samson and Delilah

I am definitely a music lover, with rounds of genre and different kinds of artists... hehehe... Anyway, these two songs have been my "rest mode" song... or should I say a refreshing and very relaxing sound to me...
1. Samson by Regina Spektor - The first time I heard this song in a reality tv program, I loved it instantly. Kinda the same style with Sarah McLachlan which I also like. I tried to search it in the net but I just don't know the title of the song before and I was typing on the search textbox the keywords "I loved you first". Hehehe... Until one day, an officemate of mine wondered why "Hey There Delilah was my status message on my skype (carlo.malbas). I told her that it is the title of the song that I currently like. Then she sent me an mp3 and she said that she liked naman this song. I was surprised talaga when I heard it. Whew! I've been searching this song for so long, Samson pala is the title... hehehe... nakakatawa. Anyway, Regina Spektor is a Russian born American singer/songwriter. This song was used in a 2006 episode of CSI:NY. Really like this song. I play this on my iPod almost 10 times a day... hehehe...

2. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's - I downloaded this song last May because I saw it in a chart list. The first time it enters my ears, wow... cute and ganda ng song. Talagang nagustuhan ko sya. Then this month, I was really surprised that it topped the Billboard Hot 100. Can you believe that it is the hottest song in the US right now? And can you also believe that this song was released a year ago? This song was originally in Plain White T's 2005 album "All That We Needed", the single was released in 2006 and now it making waves in the charts around the globe. To generate revenue, their 2007 album "Every Second Counts" made a re-release on which they included this song as a bonus track. The lead singer wrote this song about a girl named "Delilah" that was introduced to him by a common friend. She is an olympic athlete and they have no intimate relationship at all. This is their biggest hit so far and thanks to another officemate of mine because he downloaded these two albums for me, hehehe....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Time to Say Goodbye

Haaayyyy... such a lonely word, GOODBYE... Hehehe... Goodbye to these two important things that became part of my life...

First, the PORK, hehehe... This month, I am saying goodbye to the pork meat. And if you're asking if this is a part of my diet regime, yes it is. Just to lessen my body fat although my body fat percentage is in the acceptable level based on Fitness First's health chart. I have get pork out of my life, no more pork! I know there are lots of food that I should forget now and probably not to look at. I'll miss you Dinuguan, Porkchop, Adobong Baboy, Embotido, Lechong Baboy and other pork foods... But I think it is in time that Hog Cholera and Pseudorabies viruses are now in the big news for pork meat, at least there is such a very GOOD reason not to eat pork... hehehe...

I am also saying goodbye to Globe 3G Mobile Broadband with HSDPA, the 3G card that Misys gave me to use for my after hour support for Bank Of India. It's been with me for almost three months. Also, the laptop, goodbye na rin pero di ako masyadong malungkot because I have laptop on my own. I am more sad with bidding farewell to the 3G Card, hehehe... Imagine the 3.6mbs speed???!!! Thank you and sana ingatan ka ng susunod na gagamit sayo... hehehe... But on the other hand, I have my MOTORAZR V3xx, it can also be a modem and mabilis din naman. Thanks Wanda for the idea!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Naughtiness in Me

For these past few days, almost 12 na ako nakakatulog, why? Aside from updating my blog, Hehehe... Last week I bought the latest copy of FHM, and whew! what an issue!!! Hehehe... It is really informative and so dami kang mapupulot na aral. Hahaha... Seriously, I do love the latest issue.

Last Sunday, 22nd of July, after my workout in Fitness First Ortigas, I met my high school friends in SM Megamall. Nene was first to arrived and we waited for Jhong in Yoshinoya. And so nakakainis, most of the crews were staring and looking at us especially the cashier lady. Maybe because we were noisy and taking pictures of ourselves. Then there were times that they will laugh and will smile on us... Grrr... we really don't know the other reason, the we told to ourselves na "gaganti kami...". Then Jhong came and we started to order. Here's the sample conversation that I had with the cashier lady.

Cashier: Sir, dine in po or take out?
Ako: Obvious ba, andito kame e di dine in!
(I ordered green salad with chicken strips but she gave me crab)
Ako: Di ba with chicken strips inorder ko? Wala akong makitang chicken strips.
Cashier: Ay sorry po, crab po pala ito.
(then she gave me iced tea but I told her na I don't want an ice on it)
Ako: Di ba sabi ko walang ice ung iced tea. Palitan mo nga yan!

Hehehe... And the worst, we stayed there for so long na almost puno na yung place at wala ng maupuan yung ibang customers! Hehehe... Then we were taking pictures inside the place and I tried to take a snapshot of that lady cashier kaya lang may pila kasi lagi sa kanya. Then the other crew, what we did to them is to refill our ice tea almost every 5 minutes! Wahahaha!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Because of You Epiphany

If last month, Umbrella became a banging sound to me, this month the songs "Bartender" and "Do You" were soothing my ears. That's why last Saturday, 21st of July after my workout in Ortigas branch, I went to a record bar in SM Megamall to grab the new CDs from Neyo and T-Pain. Whew! Such a cool album, ganda ng songs!

1. Ne-Yo (Because of You) : It has 12 songs on it and all were great! Most of the songs were written by him and I think this album was produced by Jay Z. His songs were a mixture of R&B and Soul. The song "Do You" was his second single from this album after "Because of You". I really love that song although it was about breakup and realization of someone's importance when they're gone. Also, my favorite song in the album is "Sex With My Ex", kinda naughty but the groove and music is really refreshing. The album also contains collaborations with Jay Z and Jennifer Hudson.

2. T-Pain (Epiphany) : There were a total of 17 song with collaboration from Teddy Verseti, Teddy Pain, Teddy Penderazdoun, Akon, Shawnna, Ray, Tay Dizm and others. His type of music is Hip Hop and Rap but most of the songs can be considered as R&B kasi slow lang pero cool. My favorite tracks were "Right Hand" and "Sounds Bad" and of course, "Bartender"! Also, the song "Buy U a Drank" was also there. Take note, "Buy U a Drank" and "Bartender" were both in the Top 10 Songs in the US right now... galing! Really cool album, love the music!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dinner Escapade

Last night, 20th of July, we had a great dinner at Outback Glorietta courtesy of Sir Del. He treated us because he just came back from his secondment (Misys term for abroad deployment) in UK. It was a table of ribs and pastas. The pastas they chose were seafoods and since I am allergy with seafoods, hindi na ako kumain... (sinadya nila)... Anyway, it was a great night having your teammates in one place exchanging laughters and jokes. It was also good to know na meron na akong kakampi sa benefits ng workout sa gym!!! Wahahaha!!! We even talked about showbiz intrigues, it seems na maraming tsismoso sa team namin, hehehe...

We had chicken and calamari as appetizers. In the end, I ordered cheese cake for dessert... kapal no nagdessert pa... hehehe... But the cake was big enough for 3 persons... tsk... I tried to eat it all but I was really full that time.

Before we leave, I noticed that my iPod was missing and I was sure that I left it in the office. Hmmm... actually Ma'am Thet got it from my table in the office... Pero ginawa muna nilang hostage for a Starbucks treat!!! Waaahhh!!! It was kinda an "ipodnap" that time but they returned it to me with no Starbucks at all... Thank God!

More pictures here!

Blocked and Mad

What the f*ck!!! <-- That was the first thing I said when I tried to browse the blogger site in our office! The blogger was blocked!!! Sobra na!!! It was fine with me about the blockage of Friendster, Multiply, etc. But blogger???!!! Naaaahhh, kakainis. It was my outlet in the office when I want to scream or in "angry" mode. Kapag masakit na ulo, I'll just read blogs or update my own blog and if sometimes there is nothing to do or in "petiks" mode, BLOG is an immediate relief from boredom. My officemate said that "sobrang KJ" na raw ang bago naming IT manager, kakaasar naman kasi eh. But there's nothing I can do about it. But I will make sure that I can still update my blog even in the office... HOW? Disconnect the LAN network and use my MOTORAZR V3XX as my modem... hahaha!!!

Another "kainis" situation this day was regarding with my personal trainer in Fitness First. Our schedule for Friday is 12 noon. I was still busy doing my work in the office but still I have to go the gym. So I went there and texted Joel that I will start my warm up. Suddenly he texted back that he cannot go to the gym because of some home matters. Nakakainis lang dapat kasi sinabi niya nang mas maaga. So that I can still continue my work in the office because I was in the climax of debugging that time but I don't want to be late in our schedule dahil nakakahiya naman sa kanya. But the heck, if I didn't text him then I will wait for him just for nothing. Kakaasar talaga. He texted to say sorry but I don't want to reply. I didn't even answer his calls and I will not be attending our Monday session. Grrrrr.....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fitness First Branches Tour (Part One)

I became a member of Fitness First Philippines on July 29, 2005. It's almost two years now! And what's the result now? Hahaha... From 220 lbs to 155 lbs... From 38% body fat to 19% body fat... Hehehe... In order to reach your fitness goal, you should have discipline and self control. And of course, try something new and different, like what I do, I am trying to change my fitness location... hehehe... I have toured a total of 10 Fitness First Branches and this will be the first part.

1. RSC Makati - This is my home branch and this is where I enrolled. I was still in PCCI that time. My first impression for this branch was superb. Grabe daming machines and ang laki... but that was only the first time I saw a Fitness First branch. Anyway, the first time I got there, I wanted to choose a personal trainer and grabe... almost lahat sila mas malaki pa sa akin that's why I decided not to get professional services from them kasi pano nila ako matutulungang maglose ng weight kung sila malalaki. The machines were almost complete and in good arrangement. The personnels were polite and responsive to your requests and query. The shower room was not that good at first but after 6 months, they renovated it and now it is okay. There was also a dispenser for iced tea but now wala na. The area for stretching is quite small but the rooms for group exercises and cosmic cycling were spacious. Currently, I am having my personal training with PT Joel in this branch.

2. Wynsum Ortigas - Definitely, this is larger than RSC (I think so)... This is where I hired my first personal trainer Mawel. It was December of 2006 when I decided to get professional fitness service. I called this branch and they gave me Mawel (who is now resigned from FF and a good friend of mine). For me, it has the most beautiful and scenery location. It is located on the 35th floor of Wynsum Bldg. Ganda ng view kasi mataas and you can see the entire metro from the top. Especially at night, daming ilaw sa labas and so refreshing to look at. I don't know but I think they don't have a stretching area. The space for free weights was quite okay. You will feel like in a disco when you enter the cosmic cyling room, the group exercises part is also spacious. I just don't like the shower room there because it was small and also the sauna bath. I am having my workout here normally on weekends.

3. SM Fairview - It was the time when my obesefriend Wendel still manages their computer shop and I went to their Novaliches shop for them to fix my desktop computer. Instead of waiting for them to fix it, I decided to ride a jeepney going to SM Fairview and alas, it was time for workout! The branch was really good, malaki and maganda ang design. One floor lang sya pero ang lawak. The machines were quite new and the cardio area is really wide. Wendel told me that it was an ACE Hardware before. The shower room was okay and the area for free weights is good naman. I think I had my workout here only once. Need to check out this branch again to see what's new.

4. Ayala Center Cebu - I got the chance to workout here when I visited Cebu last December (click here to view my blog entry for this trip). It was located in Ayala Center and whew! ang laki nya!!! It was the 4th branch na napuntahan ko and that time, for me it was the biggest. I'm sure that the area was a cinema room before. The design was pretty cool. The area for machines, grabe ang lake! And it was funny to see that the cardio and other equipments were on the balcony. The male locker room was quite big. The stretching area is also spacious. I enjoyed working out there! But the only thing that was not quite impressive was the free weights area, hindi sya gaanong kalakihan but I think the tools were complete naman. You will clearly hear the personal trainers speaking in bisaya... Hahaha... Proud bisaya 'to tsong! Hahaha...

5. SM North EDSA - I asked my bestfriend where's the exact location of this branch in this mall because he is familiar with the place. He told me that it was on the 2nd floor of the Block and he was wrong! Wahahaha... It was on the fifth floor. The first time I saw it I told to myself that the designer of this branch and SM Fairview maybe came from the same person(s). Halos pareho sila ng dating. Only one floor pero malawak din. It was the first time I saw an area exclusively for the yoga/mind and body workout, really cool! The group exercises room was really wide, I just can't tell how's the area for the cosmic cycling. Anyway, some of the equipments were new, there is a machine counter for your easy reference. I think the men's locker room and shower were okay. The only thing I just didn't like was the free weights area, medyo masikip and I think the tools/equipments were not that complete. But I do like this branch and enjoys my workout here. This is the home branch of Ryan.

*Images courtesy of fitnessfirst.com.ph

Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Night With Christina

Last 6th of July, my two sisters and I watched the concert of Christina Aguilera in the Open Field, The Fort in Taguig. According to the ticket, the show will start at 7pm and it did but with some sponsors introduction and thanksgiving that was made by the MTV VJs. Also, there were 3 front acts that performed. They were the Filipino winner in Canadian Idol (I forgot his name), the All Stars Hip Hop Dancers and Kris Lawrence. At around 8:30pm, whew! The concert started.

On the opening number, Christina was supposed to sing the introduction of 'Ain't No Other Man' but the microphone was not working so somebody lended her new microphone but it was not obvious on the stage but what should I say? I have a very observing eye. Christina was definitely good, her voice was superb and the songs were even better when she performed it live. I am familiar with most of the songs that Christina performed. Why? Remember, I bought a CD of her last August of 2006 and I have a blog entry for it. (click here)

Christina sang a total of 17 tracks with video intermissions while she was changing her outfits. The songs she performed were: (in order of performance)
  1. Ain't No Other Man
  2. Back In The Days
  3. Understand
  4. Come On Over
  5. Slow Down Baby
  6. Still Dirrty
  7. Can't Hold Us Down
  8. Make Me Wanna Pray
  9. What A Girl Wants
  10. Oh Mother
  11. Welcome
  12. Dirrty
  13. Candyman
  14. Hurt
  15. Lady Marmalade
  16. Beautiful
  17. Fighter

The crowd (actually, we) became crazy when Christina performed her last two songs. Everyone were singing (syempre yung saken mahina lang... hehehe...) and doing the harmonious waves of balloons courtesy of Nokia... The show ended at almost 10:30 in the evening. Overall, the concert was really good and jam packed with production numbers. As in, galing!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wonderful June

Time again for movie review!

1. Bordertown - June 10 @ 5:15pm : The movie has a political issue/concern and that made me became interested in watching this film. This movie, I can say, delivered a message to the powerful countries to give importance and make an improvement to others by helping in the best way they can. Not just in the terms of money or capital, but also in the manner of safety and continuous healthy and good life. Jennifer Lopez played the role of a journalist who investigated and made reports to the unexplainable death of working girls in the rural area. Actually, the ending was really good and that was not I expected. Based on my research, this movie is not yet seen in the US. The story plot was quite interesting and this movie successfully sent it's true message.

2. Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer - June 13 @ 7:35pm : Caught this film on it's 1st day... hehehe... The movie was quite short, over 1.5 hours only, in short bitin... but the moves and effects were nice naman. I just noticed that the special effects to Mr. Fantastic was not that good. It turned out to be animated in some features, you can notice that the effects for it were obvioulsy identified as "camera trick" only. But I have learned something from this movie that "There is always a CHOICE". But I still love the film and overall aspect of this picture, I can still say that this one is great!

3. The Invisible - June 24 @ 5:20pm : The lead star of this movie was the son of Tom Cruise in the movie hit 'War of the Worlds' and he has proved in this film that he is a star on his own. I was intrigued by this movie the first time I saw it's trailer. It was something new for me. While watching this, I was expecting a scene that I saw from it's trailer. It was an old man who can see him and was telling on how to bring back his normal life. In some aspect, the movie phasing was so slow but the story and actors were really good. It was a good performance made by Marcia Gay. Overall, the movie was okay, it was a quite sad ending but the lesson of forgiveness was highlighted and was the most important.

4. Transformers - June 28 @ 7:25pm : Watched this film on it's first showing day! For me, this is the best movie of the summer!!! Better than Spiderman? Pirates? Fantastic 4? Definitely YES!!! Whew! the special effects were really excellent. Michael Bay did it again!!! Loved the robots creation and the sound engineering was really great! Also, another good point from the movie was the comedic acts of Shia (he is also one of the lead stars of Disturbia), he was so funny and I even caught myself laughing on him. I can't say anything more about this movie, I really recommend this to you guys!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

1st Year @ Misys

Today, I am celebrating my 1st year anniversary in Misys! Whew! Ang bilis ng araw, naka one year na pala ako... hehehe... I came to the office at around 8:30 in the morning and left at 6:30pm. My TL was on leave and my workload for today was quite in "petiks" mode.

What I did for the entire day was all about CVS Operations. Mizuho Bank from Jakarta was upgrading their system to Service Pack 11. So I was tasked to upgrade their system and as usual, so bagal ng connection, as in, sobra!!! While doing the CVS operations, I did some help to my breastfriend regarding their assignment in her Fujitsu training. I did it for almost three hours.

Aftewards, breastfriend and I met in SM Megamall and we had dinner in KFC. I explained to her what I did to the program so that she will understand it and get the bottom idea of the logic that I formulated. She was indeed a fast learner and grasped the idea immediately. We separated at about 9:30pm.

So the main reason for this blog entry is to evaluate my one year stay in MISYS... hehehe... So far, sa 3 companies na napasukan ko, Misys is indeed the best! And I had this senior level na in my title so that is another accomplishment for me. Also, I am waiting for the appraisal that I got from the recently evaluation. Magkano kaya increase ko? Hehehe... In this company, mas naging madaldal ako and an officemate of mine call me as "nambubully" sa mga new employees sa team namin... hehehe... There was an idea for me to resign and look for other opportunities but I just can't leave Misys... bakit kaya? Maybe it's because the environment is really good and the policies was quite okay, lalo na sa oras. I usually workout at 12 noon and comes back to the office at almost 3. I think I cannot do that to other companies... hehehe... Am I happy with my current employer? So far, yes. Let's see how many more years will I stay in this company... :>

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Weekend 'Tasks'

Definitely, last weekend (30Jun/01Jul) was indeed an enjoyable weekend for me. But the most important thing is that I have accomplished my target for the treadmill challenge, 4.5 kilometers in 30 minutes. Whew! kakapagod pero enjoy naman.

Saturday - I woke up early to have my workout in Fitness First Ortigas. There, I had shoulders and triceps exercises. Afterwards, I went to SM Megamall to see my bestfriend and his gf. They handed me my genuine XP cd that April borrowed to me. They treated me dinner in KFC, I had Hot Shots and an Iced Tea. Then, I hurried to Fitness First Makati to meet my personal trainer Joel and we had this simple "business meeting" with other FF personnels. It lasted for almost 1.5 hours only because there is something that I shouldn't miss. I came back to SM Megamall to buy Christina Aguilera tickets. My two sisters and I will watch the event on the 6th of July. Nagmadali na akong umuwi after nun to watch the Big Night of Pinoy Big Brother. I was delighted and was so happy that my bet 'Beatriz Saw' was declared as the 'Big Winner'. The show ended almost 1 in the morning.

Sunday - Early morning, I received a text message from Ryan and asking me to prepare myself for our workout in Fitness First ABS-CBN. I fixed my things immediately and took a quick shower before heading to our meeting place, in McDonalds near the Quezon Avenue MRT Station. I was late so was tasked to treat lunch after our fitness session. There, I succeeded the 4.5 km in 30 minutes challenge. It was the training that other Fitness First personal trainer had with their 'Operation Shape UP'. Yahoo!!! nakaya ko!!!... Hehehe... We had back and biceps exercises. Also, we had this routine for Abs. After a tiring workout, we went to sauna bath to relax and had our shower. Then, we had our lunch in McDonalds. We parted our ways at around 2:30 and I went to Shangri-La and I was planning to buy some stuffs pero tinamad na ako kaya umuwi na lang at natulog... Hehehe...

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