Tuesday, July 3, 2007

1st Year @ Misys

Today, I am celebrating my 1st year anniversary in Misys! Whew! Ang bilis ng araw, naka one year na pala ako... hehehe... I came to the office at around 8:30 in the morning and left at 6:30pm. My TL was on leave and my workload for today was quite in "petiks" mode.

What I did for the entire day was all about CVS Operations. Mizuho Bank from Jakarta was upgrading their system to Service Pack 11. So I was tasked to upgrade their system and as usual, so bagal ng connection, as in, sobra!!! While doing the CVS operations, I did some help to my breastfriend regarding their assignment in her Fujitsu training. I did it for almost three hours.

Aftewards, breastfriend and I met in SM Megamall and we had dinner in KFC. I explained to her what I did to the program so that she will understand it and get the bottom idea of the logic that I formulated. She was indeed a fast learner and grasped the idea immediately. We separated at about 9:30pm.

So the main reason for this blog entry is to evaluate my one year stay in MISYS... hehehe... So far, sa 3 companies na napasukan ko, Misys is indeed the best! And I had this senior level na in my title so that is another accomplishment for me. Also, I am waiting for the appraisal that I got from the recently evaluation. Magkano kaya increase ko? Hehehe... In this company, mas naging madaldal ako and an officemate of mine call me as "nambubully" sa mga new employees sa team namin... hehehe... There was an idea for me to resign and look for other opportunities but I just can't leave Misys... bakit kaya? Maybe it's because the environment is really good and the policies was quite okay, lalo na sa oras. I usually workout at 12 noon and comes back to the office at almost 3. I think I cannot do that to other companies... hehehe... Am I happy with my current employer? So far, yes. Let's see how many more years will I stay in this company... :>


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