Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blocked and Mad

What the f*ck!!! <-- That was the first thing I said when I tried to browse the blogger site in our office! The blogger was blocked!!! Sobra na!!! It was fine with me about the blockage of Friendster, Multiply, etc. But blogger???!!! Naaaahhh, kakainis. It was my outlet in the office when I want to scream or in "angry" mode. Kapag masakit na ulo, I'll just read blogs or update my own blog and if sometimes there is nothing to do or in "petiks" mode, BLOG is an immediate relief from boredom. My officemate said that "sobrang KJ" na raw ang bago naming IT manager, kakaasar naman kasi eh. But there's nothing I can do about it. But I will make sure that I can still update my blog even in the office... HOW? Disconnect the LAN network and use my MOTORAZR V3XX as my modem... hahaha!!!

Another "kainis" situation this day was regarding with my personal trainer in Fitness First. Our schedule for Friday is 12 noon. I was still busy doing my work in the office but still I have to go the gym. So I went there and texted Joel that I will start my warm up. Suddenly he texted back that he cannot go to the gym because of some home matters. Nakakainis lang dapat kasi sinabi niya nang mas maaga. So that I can still continue my work in the office because I was in the climax of debugging that time but I don't want to be late in our schedule dahil nakakahiya naman sa kanya. But the heck, if I didn't text him then I will wait for him just for nothing. Kakaasar talaga. He texted to say sorry but I don't want to reply. I didn't even answer his calls and I will not be attending our Monday session. Grrrrr.....


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