Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dinner Escapade

Last night, 20th of July, we had a great dinner at Outback Glorietta courtesy of Sir Del. He treated us because he just came back from his secondment (Misys term for abroad deployment) in UK. It was a table of ribs and pastas. The pastas they chose were seafoods and since I am allergy with seafoods, hindi na ako kumain... (sinadya nila)... Anyway, it was a great night having your teammates in one place exchanging laughters and jokes. It was also good to know na meron na akong kakampi sa benefits ng workout sa gym!!! Wahahaha!!! We even talked about showbiz intrigues, it seems na maraming tsismoso sa team namin, hehehe...

We had chicken and calamari as appetizers. In the end, I ordered cheese cake for dessert... kapal no nagdessert pa... hehehe... But the cake was big enough for 3 persons... tsk... I tried to eat it all but I was really full that time.

Before we leave, I noticed that my iPod was missing and I was sure that I left it in the office. Hmmm... actually Ma'am Thet got it from my table in the office... Pero ginawa muna nilang hostage for a Starbucks treat!!! Waaahhh!!! It was kinda an "ipodnap" that time but they returned it to me with no Starbucks at all... Thank God!

More pictures here!


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