Friday, July 13, 2007

Fitness First Branches Tour (Part One)

I became a member of Fitness First Philippines on July 29, 2005. It's almost two years now! And what's the result now? Hahaha... From 220 lbs to 155 lbs... From 38% body fat to 19% body fat... Hehehe... In order to reach your fitness goal, you should have discipline and self control. And of course, try something new and different, like what I do, I am trying to change my fitness location... hehehe... I have toured a total of 10 Fitness First Branches and this will be the first part.

1. RSC Makati - This is my home branch and this is where I enrolled. I was still in PCCI that time. My first impression for this branch was superb. Grabe daming machines and ang laki... but that was only the first time I saw a Fitness First branch. Anyway, the first time I got there, I wanted to choose a personal trainer and grabe... almost lahat sila mas malaki pa sa akin that's why I decided not to get professional services from them kasi pano nila ako matutulungang maglose ng weight kung sila malalaki. The machines were almost complete and in good arrangement. The personnels were polite and responsive to your requests and query. The shower room was not that good at first but after 6 months, they renovated it and now it is okay. There was also a dispenser for iced tea but now wala na. The area for stretching is quite small but the rooms for group exercises and cosmic cycling were spacious. Currently, I am having my personal training with PT Joel in this branch.

2. Wynsum Ortigas - Definitely, this is larger than RSC (I think so)... This is where I hired my first personal trainer Mawel. It was December of 2006 when I decided to get professional fitness service. I called this branch and they gave me Mawel (who is now resigned from FF and a good friend of mine). For me, it has the most beautiful and scenery location. It is located on the 35th floor of Wynsum Bldg. Ganda ng view kasi mataas and you can see the entire metro from the top. Especially at night, daming ilaw sa labas and so refreshing to look at. I don't know but I think they don't have a stretching area. The space for free weights was quite okay. You will feel like in a disco when you enter the cosmic cyling room, the group exercises part is also spacious. I just don't like the shower room there because it was small and also the sauna bath. I am having my workout here normally on weekends.

3. SM Fairview - It was the time when my obesefriend Wendel still manages their computer shop and I went to their Novaliches shop for them to fix my desktop computer. Instead of waiting for them to fix it, I decided to ride a jeepney going to SM Fairview and alas, it was time for workout! The branch was really good, malaki and maganda ang design. One floor lang sya pero ang lawak. The machines were quite new and the cardio area is really wide. Wendel told me that it was an ACE Hardware before. The shower room was okay and the area for free weights is good naman. I think I had my workout here only once. Need to check out this branch again to see what's new.

4. Ayala Center Cebu - I got the chance to workout here when I visited Cebu last December (click here to view my blog entry for this trip). It was located in Ayala Center and whew! ang laki nya!!! It was the 4th branch na napuntahan ko and that time, for me it was the biggest. I'm sure that the area was a cinema room before. The design was pretty cool. The area for machines, grabe ang lake! And it was funny to see that the cardio and other equipments were on the balcony. The male locker room was quite big. The stretching area is also spacious. I enjoyed working out there! But the only thing that was not quite impressive was the free weights area, hindi sya gaanong kalakihan but I think the tools were complete naman. You will clearly hear the personal trainers speaking in bisaya... Hahaha... Proud bisaya 'to tsong! Hahaha...

5. SM North EDSA - I asked my bestfriend where's the exact location of this branch in this mall because he is familiar with the place. He told me that it was on the 2nd floor of the Block and he was wrong! Wahahaha... It was on the fifth floor. The first time I saw it I told to myself that the designer of this branch and SM Fairview maybe came from the same person(s). Halos pareho sila ng dating. Only one floor pero malawak din. It was the first time I saw an area exclusively for the yoga/mind and body workout, really cool! The group exercises room was really wide, I just can't tell how's the area for the cosmic cycling. Anyway, some of the equipments were new, there is a machine counter for your easy reference. I think the men's locker room and shower were okay. The only thing I just didn't like was the free weights area, medyo masikip and I think the tools/equipments were not that complete. But I do like this branch and enjoys my workout here. This is the home branch of Ryan.

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