Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wonderful June

Time again for movie review!

1. Bordertown - June 10 @ 5:15pm : The movie has a political issue/concern and that made me became interested in watching this film. This movie, I can say, delivered a message to the powerful countries to give importance and make an improvement to others by helping in the best way they can. Not just in the terms of money or capital, but also in the manner of safety and continuous healthy and good life. Jennifer Lopez played the role of a journalist who investigated and made reports to the unexplainable death of working girls in the rural area. Actually, the ending was really good and that was not I expected. Based on my research, this movie is not yet seen in the US. The story plot was quite interesting and this movie successfully sent it's true message.

2. Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer - June 13 @ 7:35pm : Caught this film on it's 1st day... hehehe... The movie was quite short, over 1.5 hours only, in short bitin... but the moves and effects were nice naman. I just noticed that the special effects to Mr. Fantastic was not that good. It turned out to be animated in some features, you can notice that the effects for it were obvioulsy identified as "camera trick" only. But I have learned something from this movie that "There is always a CHOICE". But I still love the film and overall aspect of this picture, I can still say that this one is great!

3. The Invisible - June 24 @ 5:20pm : The lead star of this movie was the son of Tom Cruise in the movie hit 'War of the Worlds' and he has proved in this film that he is a star on his own. I was intrigued by this movie the first time I saw it's trailer. It was something new for me. While watching this, I was expecting a scene that I saw from it's trailer. It was an old man who can see him and was telling on how to bring back his normal life. In some aspect, the movie phasing was so slow but the story and actors were really good. It was a good performance made by Marcia Gay. Overall, the movie was okay, it was a quite sad ending but the lesson of forgiveness was highlighted and was the most important.

4. Transformers - June 28 @ 7:25pm : Watched this film on it's first showing day! For me, this is the best movie of the summer!!! Better than Spiderman? Pirates? Fantastic 4? Definitely YES!!! Whew! the special effects were really excellent. Michael Bay did it again!!! Loved the robots creation and the sound engineering was really great! Also, another good point from the movie was the comedic acts of Shia (he is also one of the lead stars of Disturbia), he was so funny and I even caught myself laughing on him. I can't say anything more about this movie, I really recommend this to you guys!


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