Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Lola

My grandmother on the father side is already 95 years old. She's not that weak but not that strong but we are thanking God that she is still with us. Last Friday when I got home, my mother and my sisters were watching 'Maalaala Mo Kaya' with episode 'Yellow Sofa'. It was a story about the houseboy who was sent to school by his amo who turned out be a great lola at the end. That episode touched my heart. I love my lola so much. I admit, I'm a lola's boy. When I was a kid and she was so strong, madalas nyang pagalitan ang ibang kapatid ko, pero ako hindi masyado. Basta gusto ko, okay sa kanya!

But now she's not that strong enough, she is already blind. She also told us that she sees several of our dead relatives surrounding her and we cannot see them. We are wondering how she see those people now that she's blind? Is it just an imagination or she really sees something that our eyes cannot see. We are always here for her and will support all her needs.

She always drink Lacto Pafi which is a food supplement and health drink. She also has these medicines that my aunt always prepare for her. But she can still eat on her own, bath and dress herself. I always make sure to have a time talking with her and listening to those never ending stories about her life and all she went thru, madaldal na si lola. I'm wishing that she will reach until the age of 200.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Date Story

Yesterday, I had a date with my MOMs! I was with my mother and my aunt to watch the movie 'A Love Story'. Hehehe... they made a request to me na ilibre ko daw sila ng sine. I consider my aunt as my second mother since she took care of me when I was a kid when my parents were in their work. I had two moms! I'm so lucky to have the both of them!

Anyway, we arrived at SM Megamall at 1:25pm. The screenings for the said movie were 1:20 and 2:15. So we decided to watch the 2:15pm screening. I immediately purchased three tickets and we looked for a place where we can have a quick lunch! I want to eat in a restaurant but the time did not permit us. We headed to Foodcourt and they had their big meals at Tang City. Also, I ordered halo halo from Razon's, sobra, sarap talaga ng halo halo sa kanila. We were in a hurry while eating because we want to get the best seat in the cinema!

Then at 2:10 we arrived at the ticket booth and of course we went inside the movie house. The movie ended 4:10pm I guess. I took them to the FX terminal for their way home and afterwards, I hurried to Fitness First Ortigas for my weekend workout!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time To Relax

I miss downloading songs from the web, that's why last Saturday, 18th of August, I made a schedule for myself as the "download time". I haven't opened my laptop for a week! Usually on Saturdays, I workout at Fitness First Ortigas at around 1pm and afterwards, go to Gloria Jeans Cafe to surf the net at 4pm. But by that time, the cafe was full of downloaders. So I decided that this time, I'll be earlier on that spot. I was in the cafe as early as 11am so that I can get the best seat. When I arrived there, there were only two downloaders. I ordered an Espresso and Tuna Pandesal.

Really enjoyed that moment, chatting, surfing the net and of course downloading! It was really a relaxing moment for me. I just got annoyed with Limewire, it was so hard to download a song or a video that time, kulang daw sa resources. So I installed Bittorrent and whew! Galing, I downloaded a full album for only thirty minutes. I downloaded the full albums of Musiq Soulchild (Luvanmusiq) and Ciara (The Evolution). Really a good experience in trying new downloading tool using P2P. I think I will not buy CDs again, I'll just download it from the net to get the full album... hehehe...

I left the cafe at around 3pm then instructed my feet to reach Fitness First Ortigas in Wynsum Building. I don't know if it is relaxing to others to workout but for me, nakakarelax sya and it really feels good... hehehe... I worked out on my shoulders and triceps. Then went to sauna bath and took my shower. I went home at almost 7pm.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Weight Loss: The Aftermath (1st Part)

Since I have lost a lot of fats and weights, I have now to face the disadvantages of it. Of course, every advantages has it's equal opposites that we must face. The good side of weight loss is that you will feel good and will give you more confidence and of course a very nice body. The disadvantages? Stretchmarks and a need to buy new clothes. I'll give you updates on my stretchmark treatment in the future but now will focus on buying new clothes! Hehehe....

Last Friday, 17th of August I went directly to SM Megamall after our company advised us that we can go home early due to typhoon... My officemate told me that there is a big sale in Folded and Hung so I went there... and whew! There was really a sale. I bought 3 tops for only one thousand five hundered pesos. I was just wondering because the size that fits me that time was Small! I tried to fit the Medium size pero malaki sa akin. So I tried Small and alas! Sakto lang ang fit! hehehe... Then I decided to look for food but I saw another sale from Penshoppe! So I went in there and there was good deal, if you purchased at least one thousand two hundred pesos in total, you can choose any shirt for free!!! Whew! So I bought one shirt and a pant. Then I had my free top! yehey! But I don't know why in Penshoppe, the size that suited me was Medium size. Hehehe... Anyway, good deal pa rin.

I was happy with the pant that I bought because I like the design on it's back! A sales personnel told me that it was a new product line from Penshoppe. At first, I tried 34 inch jeans pero malaki talaga so I ended up in 30 inch na rin. This is just the beginning of my "shopping adventure"! Hehehe... My breastfriend told me na parang nakakumot ako sa suot kong polo the last time na nagkita kame... Hmp! So this time, I'll be wearing body fit shirts... hehehe...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Treat

Together with my breastfriend and obesefriend, we had this mini celebration on "something"... hehehe... It was 14th of August. I texted my bestfriend, vicefriend and April but they didn't get the chance to be with us. Anyway, I arrived at SM Megamall around past 8pm. I went first to Toby's Sports to buy a workout gear but I didn't find anything that suits my taste... hehehe... So I headed to Dencio's and I waited for almost an hour for them... kainis... But then, they're my friends so the celebration was pursued...

We ordered foods of course but definitely no pork! We ordered sizzling chicken, sisig bangus, ensaladang mangga, bulalo and halo halo for dessert (my God, it was raining that day and still we ordered a cold item). We had fun while eating and sharing some confessions and stories for the past month that happened to our lives and careers. It was good to know that Maret had finished her training in Fujitsu and now we can call her as "ganap na programmer"... hehehe... While Wendel is applying for higher position in Teleperformance and I think he can make it and hopefully will reach that spot.

Afterwards we had coffee of course in Starbucks again! Hehehe... I wonder how many intake of coffees I had this month, I have a limit of 3 cups... hmmmm.... Anyway, back to the "meeting" I ordered an extra hot coffee and the both of them, again, ordered frapuccino... (I want to tell them, "hello?! it was raining outside and the weather is so cold and still you want a freezing intake to your stomach???!!!" hehehe...) I also ordered cake...(Whaaaat???!!! yeah I know na malakas sa calories at fats un... but what the heck?!! I told to myself that I will workout naman the next day...) I had fun that night, we went home at almost 1 in the morning while obesefriend went directly to his office in Teleperformance because his work will start 3 in the morning...

Friday, August 17, 2007


It's better late than never... Hehehe... Actually, last July 27, my membership in Fitness First is now two years!!! Whew! How did I celebrate it? Hmmm... honestly that day, I forgot that it was my 2nd birthday on Fitness First. It was just a normal day, I had my workout session with my personal trainor Joel. We concentrated on back and biceps... Feeling ko pinapahirapan na nya ako. Hehehe... Ang bibigat na ng mga binubuhat ko... But aferwards it felt good, nakakatanggal ng stress... Two years, hmmm... yup! I have changed a lot, only in terms of my body appearance. With 16% body fat and I am now 156 lbs from 220 lbs. According to Joel, based on my height, muscle mass and fat percentage, my current weight is the ideal weight for me. Can you imagine that? But the serious workout began last December of 2006. I was so lazy before I hired a personal trainor. I'm sure I'll be staying in Fitness First for so many years...

Exactly this day, I am now blogging with Blogger for one year!!! Hehehe... Click here to see my first ever post in Blogger... I am sharing my life for one year using this blog site... hehehe... Well I'm sure that many of you have known me by reading the stuffs I am posting here. I just want to say that this is the real me, no pretentions and no drama or role playing. This is the real me and this is how I live my life... My major problem regarding Blogger is that it is still blocked in our office. That's why when I don't have important or critical things to do in the office, I'll just get my cellphone and use it as my modem, and alas! I can connect with the Blogger and update my blog site... Hahaha...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Movies of July

July seems to be a quiet movie month for me. I have seen only two movies. No such good movies to watch for last month. But the best part is that these two movies were simply the best.

1. Live Free or Die Hard - July 4 @ 9:10pm : So far, this is the best action film that I've seen this year. Loved the story about the computer hacker and the power of technology to invade a country. Hmmm... love that idea. Anyway. Bruce Willis is still as his best just like the previous release of Die Hard. Grabe ang galing! The actions scenes were excellent, inch by inch, blow by blow full action extravaganza was seen. Hehehe... I love the charater of Maggie Q, she was so sassy and sexy. The computer hacker? Hmmm... I think he's good naman. He was the friend of Lindsay Lohan in the movie Herbie Fully Loaded... (Herbie nga ba yun?!)... Back to this movie, it was obvious that the staff and crew really worked hard for this project, halos wala akong maipintas. The idea of computer involvement and overtaking the power by the use of technology are excellent type of movie that I love to watch. You don't have to see the past Die Hard versions just to understand this movie, the lines and script were good enough to follow the flow of the story.

2. Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix - July 11 @ 9:15pm and July 19 @ 8:00pm : I have seen this movie twice, the second was in Greenbelt as our department here in Misys had our Departmental Team Bonding (our term for Building). When I first saw the film, I told to myself that the movie was "okay lang". I was expecting a superb magical scenes and lots of special effects and that was really disappointing. Puro kuwentuhan lang... hehehe... But the second time I watched it, I realized that the movie was good pala... I understood more the story. I have seen all the Harry Potter movies and this part I guess played an important story line for the future release of this franchise. Overall, an excellent movie plot and the special effects, even konti lang, still it was great pa rin. The funny thing about watching this the second time in Greenbelt was kasabay namin ang premiere night ng "Ouija" which was screened on the other cinema. Dami celebrities kaya lang di ko naman nakita lahat... Hehehe... Another thing, I didn't win the raffle for the latest Harry Potter book... grrrr....

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