Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Date Story

Yesterday, I had a date with my MOMs! I was with my mother and my aunt to watch the movie 'A Love Story'. Hehehe... they made a request to me na ilibre ko daw sila ng sine. I consider my aunt as my second mother since she took care of me when I was a kid when my parents were in their work. I had two moms! I'm so lucky to have the both of them!

Anyway, we arrived at SM Megamall at 1:25pm. The screenings for the said movie were 1:20 and 2:15. So we decided to watch the 2:15pm screening. I immediately purchased three tickets and we looked for a place where we can have a quick lunch! I want to eat in a restaurant but the time did not permit us. We headed to Foodcourt and they had their big meals at Tang City. Also, I ordered halo halo from Razon's, sobra, sarap talaga ng halo halo sa kanila. We were in a hurry while eating because we want to get the best seat in the cinema!

Then at 2:10 we arrived at the ticket booth and of course we went inside the movie house. The movie ended 4:10pm I guess. I took them to the FX terminal for their way home and afterwards, I hurried to Fitness First Ortigas for my weekend workout!


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