Friday, August 10, 2007

Movies of July

July seems to be a quiet movie month for me. I have seen only two movies. No such good movies to watch for last month. But the best part is that these two movies were simply the best.

1. Live Free or Die Hard - July 4 @ 9:10pm : So far, this is the best action film that I've seen this year. Loved the story about the computer hacker and the power of technology to invade a country. Hmmm... love that idea. Anyway. Bruce Willis is still as his best just like the previous release of Die Hard. Grabe ang galing! The actions scenes were excellent, inch by inch, blow by blow full action extravaganza was seen. Hehehe... I love the charater of Maggie Q, she was so sassy and sexy. The computer hacker? Hmmm... I think he's good naman. He was the friend of Lindsay Lohan in the movie Herbie Fully Loaded... (Herbie nga ba yun?!)... Back to this movie, it was obvious that the staff and crew really worked hard for this project, halos wala akong maipintas. The idea of computer involvement and overtaking the power by the use of technology are excellent type of movie that I love to watch. You don't have to see the past Die Hard versions just to understand this movie, the lines and script were good enough to follow the flow of the story.

2. Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix - July 11 @ 9:15pm and July 19 @ 8:00pm : I have seen this movie twice, the second was in Greenbelt as our department here in Misys had our Departmental Team Bonding (our term for Building). When I first saw the film, I told to myself that the movie was "okay lang". I was expecting a superb magical scenes and lots of special effects and that was really disappointing. Puro kuwentuhan lang... hehehe... But the second time I watched it, I realized that the movie was good pala... I understood more the story. I have seen all the Harry Potter movies and this part I guess played an important story line for the future release of this franchise. Overall, an excellent movie plot and the special effects, even konti lang, still it was great pa rin. The funny thing about watching this the second time in Greenbelt was kasabay namin ang premiere night ng "Ouija" which was screened on the other cinema. Dami celebrities kaya lang di ko naman nakita lahat... Hehehe... Another thing, I didn't win the raffle for the latest Harry Potter book... grrrr....


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