Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Treat

Together with my breastfriend and obesefriend, we had this mini celebration on "something"... hehehe... It was 14th of August. I texted my bestfriend, vicefriend and April but they didn't get the chance to be with us. Anyway, I arrived at SM Megamall around past 8pm. I went first to Toby's Sports to buy a workout gear but I didn't find anything that suits my taste... hehehe... So I headed to Dencio's and I waited for almost an hour for them... kainis... But then, they're my friends so the celebration was pursued...

We ordered foods of course but definitely no pork! We ordered sizzling chicken, sisig bangus, ensaladang mangga, bulalo and halo halo for dessert (my God, it was raining that day and still we ordered a cold item). We had fun while eating and sharing some confessions and stories for the past month that happened to our lives and careers. It was good to know that Maret had finished her training in Fujitsu and now we can call her as "ganap na programmer"... hehehe... While Wendel is applying for higher position in Teleperformance and I think he can make it and hopefully will reach that spot.

Afterwards we had coffee of course in Starbucks again! Hehehe... I wonder how many intake of coffees I had this month, I have a limit of 3 cups... hmmmm.... Anyway, back to the "meeting" I ordered an extra hot coffee and the both of them, again, ordered frapuccino... (I want to tell them, "hello?! it was raining outside and the weather is so cold and still you want a freezing intake to your stomach???!!!" hehehe...) I also ordered cake...(Whaaaat???!!! yeah I know na malakas sa calories at fats un... but what the heck?!! I told to myself that I will workout naman the next day...) I had fun that night, we went home at almost 1 in the morning while obesefriend went directly to his office in Teleperformance because his work will start 3 in the morning...


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