Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time To Relax

I miss downloading songs from the web, that's why last Saturday, 18th of August, I made a schedule for myself as the "download time". I haven't opened my laptop for a week! Usually on Saturdays, I workout at Fitness First Ortigas at around 1pm and afterwards, go to Gloria Jeans Cafe to surf the net at 4pm. But by that time, the cafe was full of downloaders. So I decided that this time, I'll be earlier on that spot. I was in the cafe as early as 11am so that I can get the best seat. When I arrived there, there were only two downloaders. I ordered an Espresso and Tuna Pandesal.

Really enjoyed that moment, chatting, surfing the net and of course downloading! It was really a relaxing moment for me. I just got annoyed with Limewire, it was so hard to download a song or a video that time, kulang daw sa resources. So I installed Bittorrent and whew! Galing, I downloaded a full album for only thirty minutes. I downloaded the full albums of Musiq Soulchild (Luvanmusiq) and Ciara (The Evolution). Really a good experience in trying new downloading tool using P2P. I think I will not buy CDs again, I'll just download it from the net to get the full album... hehehe...

I left the cafe at around 3pm then instructed my feet to reach Fitness First Ortigas in Wynsum Building. I don't know if it is relaxing to others to workout but for me, nakakarelax sya and it really feels good... hehehe... I worked out on my shoulders and triceps. Then went to sauna bath and took my shower. I went home at almost 7pm.


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