Sunday, September 30, 2007

Team Building @ Red Box

I organized our team's 'Team Building' and it was held last 20th of September at Red Box Karaoke in Greenbelt 3. It was Thursday and we chose that day because of the buffet, hehehe... The place was nice and the room that we had was quite big. We had free two drinks and an overflowing food...

I also arranged the order of the person who will sing but it turned out that I sang the first... hehehe... We had a lot of fun and time to bond with my teammates (the heck! kaya nga team building eh...). That time, walang hiya hiya, lahat kakanta! At first they were so shy especially the new four members of the team but in the end, para na silang mga lasing...

What did I sing that time? Hmmm... based sa pagkakatanda ko, I sang Nelly's So Sick, Usher's U Remind Me and Confessions Part II (na hindi ko natapos), Jay-R's Bakit Pa Ba, Because of You and I had duets for the songs Fill Me In by Craig David, Cruisin' by Gwyneth Paltrow and... di ko matandaan... hehehe... and Bring Me to Life by Evanescence (ako ung rapper! hehehe...)

It was totally a night of fun and night of out loud happiness. Even for just at least 4 hours, we forgot about work and had a wonderful evening building excellent relationship with your co workers...

Birthday ni Bunso

I hurried home last September 19 so that I can catch the Red Ribbon Bakeshop before it closes. Luckily, I was just on time and was able to buy cake for my sister's 15th birthday. The celebration was quite simple and we were totally happy that we have each other.

When I arrived home at around 9:30 in the evening, the foods were ready for me to eat... hehehe... My mother cooked spaghetti with beef as meat, chicken embutido, fried chicken and fried bangus and tilapia. I advised my mom not to cook any pork meat since I don't eat them. My sister Cherry bought 1 gallon of Nestle chocolate ice cream. Grabe dami ko nakain that time, pero minsan lang naman so okay pa rin, hehehe... The most important is that no pork and maintain the workout routine. Cake is not the gift for our bunso because last September 22, we went to SM Megamall because she was asking for new clothes so I bought clothes for her in Bench. Also she asked for some school supplies and fragrance... Haaaayyy...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Training Week

On the third week of September, I attended two trainings in Misys. The first one was about the 'Cash Management' under Tim Rolph and the other was 'Forward Rate Agreement/Interest Rate Swap Deals' under Maddie Chua.

The CM training was took place on the 17th. It started at around 9 in the morning. We had this interesting discussion on the keywords and functions in the word of our software. The functional explanation was quite good, I was impressed with the speaker, he really knew what he was talking about and made a personal touch on the run through of the training.

Each one of us had a computer in front of us so that we can understand more the life of Cash Management. He was in the hurry of the training because he needed to get back to his hotel at 4pm because he must catch a flight to Dubai.

We had our late lunch in Figaro just on the ground floor of the building of the training site. Tim was really funny in making stories about the Filipino dishes that he loved. But the time was running out so it was only a 45 minute lunch and hurried back to the 9th floor for the continuation of the training.

After the quick lunch, the discussion continued. It was more functional side that time. We had to do some exercises regarding the connections of accounts, on how it should be treated and how the CM software played a role on those transactions. Whew! Kinda banking world experience again... Hehehe... We really ran out of time so he left the room at 4pm and the training was done that time but he promised that he will make up the next time he visit the Philippines.
The second training (FRA/IRS Deals) was done last 20th. The topic was very refreshing to me. I was really had no idea on such deals, all I knew was Single and Cross Currency Swap screens... hehehe... Also, most of the screens that was shown was on RPG side but in the end, Ms. Maddie showed the Java screens and alas! I understood more the topic.

The discussion went nice and I was able to grasped some important data and ideas on such kind of transactions. Each features and affected objects were discussed and pointed out the importance of prerequisites maintenance for it. Also, the switchable features became a part of the discussion. Really cool training that it only took place for almost 6 hours... hehehe...


Last 16th of September, I joined the Fun Run of Fitness First. It was held in Fitness First The Fort branch. There were many people there, personal trainors and gym members of 15 Fitness First branches. My personal trainor Joel asked me to join and since it will be my first time joining a marathon, I said yes.

I arrived on the site at around 6 in the morning and I headed the line giving out the numbers. My number was 0371. I joined the 7.5k marathon and whew! Sobrang nakakapagod tumakbo around the Fort and we even reached a military camp.

The Fun Run started around past 7 and when the signal to run was heard, everyone was enjoying the run. The others were seem to be very agressive to win but for me, it was just for fun so I just run and enjoyed the moment. I guess on the first 2 or 3k, my personal trainor was beside me but he was so slow... hehehe... So nauna na ako sa kanya and made my finish spot.

Joel finished the 15k run because it was required to all Fitness First employees. After my run, grabe, inatake ako ng allergy!!! Putek, napuno ng pantal ang katawan ko. So after a quick shower, I went to the standby emergency vehicle and they treated me. The nurse said that it was maybe because of the heat of the sun. The emergency vehicle was air conditioned and unti unti ay nawala na yung pantal. After such treatment, the overall head of Fitness First Philippines made a closing remarks and gave away the prizes for all the winners.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weight Loss: The Aftermath (2nd Part)

The 2nd part of the weight loss disadvantage was taken last 15th of September... How? Shopping again!!! Hehehe... It was a 3-day sale in SM Mall of Asia. Together with Breastfriend and Obesefriend, we made a whooping shopping experience... hehehe...

First stop was in Penshoppe where I bought 1 shirt. I was having difficulty in fitting and selecting the right shirt. The sizes are different when I tried the small size of a certain shirt, it was big to me but when I tried other design whose size is also small, it fitted me well.

Bench, I bought 2 underwears; Tomato, Maret bought a black messenger bag; Sports Central, Wendel purchased XXL Fubu shirt; Oxygen where I bought a nice polo shirt and a bracelet

Maret was very hungry that time so we took a quick snack at Bread Talk. Sya yung pumila para bumili ng tinapay para sa aming lahat! hehehe...

Back to shopping, on Dickies, Wendel got 40 inch pants; Maret bought an earing in Marcella; Afterwards, with no control, I had 3 tops from Hang Ten... hehehe... adik... Then at Human where I also gave myself a shirt.

Before dinner, we went to Pink/Blue Soda where I got 2 shirts. I tried to pay via EPS but their machine that time was not working properly, so I rendered cash. The shirts were cool... nice fit... hehehe...

We had our supper dinner in Kalye Juan. The foods were great! Sarap sobra except for the Tuna sisig, parang tuyot... hehehe... We also ordered Chicken Paella, Bangus Kare-Kare and Laing. The price is also affordable and the atmosphere was really nice...

Since I did not find a longsleeve yet, we checked out the store Celio and alas! I have found a nice one. The lady in that store was quite kind and really accomodating. She even gave me big plastic for me to put the other things that I bought... hehehe... After that, we went home because we were all very tired.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The 26th

Just finished watching the SSPE episode of 'The Correspondents' and it touched my heart and made me cried. The documentary was about the people who were diagnosed with SSPE, in short, yung sakit na parang lumiliit ang utak and nagiging abnormal na and can't even talk and move his own body. The sacrifices and the hardships of the relatives that were taking care of them were superb and sobrang nakakabilib sila. A part of the episode was a mother saying that she was praying that if his son can't make it, she just wanted God to finish all the hardships of his son, to finish his life... and I know kung gano kahirap sabihin ang mga dasal na yon...

Then I remembered my sister who passed away almost five years now. She was in the hospital for thirteen days and the few remaining days of her life, she was lying on the bed on continuous sleep. Can't even talk, can't even hear us, can't even move her own hands and legs. Lagi naming pinupunasan yung katawan nya kasi sobrang init. We were talking to her and we were wishing that time that she can hear us, that she can hear the words 'I Love You'. She was on the coma stage and all that we can do was to pray. My birthday came, it was 26th of January when I went to the church and prayed. I said... it was my birthday naman, the best birthday gift that I can have... sana di na mahirapan kapatid ko... kung kukunin Mo sya sa amin, kunin mo na, sobrang naaawa na ako sa kanya... parang di ko na kayang makita na nakaratay lang sya ng parang walang buhay... Then I went back to the hospital... then I heard my other sister shouting and crying... I entered the room, my mother was also crying and I said to myself... ito na ba yun?! My birthday wish was granted... I don't know kung magiging masaya ako or malungkot... what a stupid question... But I have to be strong, ako lang lalake sa bahay that time... my father was in abroad... Di ko na napigilan then napaiyak na rin ako... and that was the last that I cried in front of my family... Hanggang libing di na ako umiyak... wala si Papa... ako lang lalake... dapat makaya ko... walang sasandalan si Mama at mga kapatid ko.

Earlier on my way home, kasabay ko yung isang close friend ko. Then I saw on his cellphone, pictures ng mga kapatid nya as wallpaper. Such a touching scene, kumpleto pa sila... kami hindi na... But life must go on... This is the reason why I don't normally celebrate my birthday on the 26th, sometimes 25th or basta lagpas ng 26. Because that date is only for my sister...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Super Chichi

Exactly one week ago, 10th of September, I had a super dinner with my friends at Dencio's in Paseo Center. It was a super treat from Chichi who just came back from UK deployment. She is working in Rivereo Inc. Ibyang and Sonny were also there and we had a night of food festivities and fun! We ordered Kare-Kare, Tuna Sisig, Tortang talong with crabmeat (yun nga b yun?!) and fish lumpia. For our dessert, the three had Buco Pandan and mine was Halo Halo mega! Hehehe...

Chichi was making a lot of "kuwentos" regarding her experience in UK. I think the most important part of the long story was tagging her as "Bagong Bayani", hehehe... She said that there was a woman who was alone travelling back to the Philippines and she was in wheelchair and Chichi had to be a guardian for that lady. I think the story was really cool, helping other Filipinos in times of need. Chichi told us that the woman had a severe tragedy and had to go back home because she can't work anymore. The flow of donations inside the plane back to Manila was really inspiring ha and was really cool. Anyway, it was a great night but the "not so good" side was doing "diet another day"... :>

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sabado Night

I was busy downloading mp3s last September 8, of course in Gloria Jeans Cafe in Megamall, when my obesefriend sent me YM message that he was so bored that time and wanted to do something because he is on leave until the next day. At first, the first plan was to go to breastfriend's house but she didn't want to. So the final result was a meeting place in Megamall. So I continued downloading songs while I was waiting them. They arrived at past 5pm and we had our dinner in Yellow Cab!

We ordered 14 inch pizza and two pastas! Whew!!! Grabe ang tatakaw namin. Before that dinner, the only food that I have eaten that day was a tuna sandwich and a coffee. Favorite ko talaga yung chicken Pasta ng Yellow Cab, masarap and medyo spicy. Good thing that I can still eat two slices of pizza that time because I was still hungry even I have already eaten lots of pasta... hehehe... After we ate, we walked around the mall for a while then headed to Starbucks.

There, we had of course coffee but no cake... kuripot si Wendel! hahaha!!! We were talking about on where to go after we finish our coffee because it was still so early that time, hmmm... around 10pm and we don't want to go home yet... hehehe... The final decision was to make a visit to Wendel's Teleperformance office in Tektite building in Ortigas. Our plan was to have a slight snack on their pantry and a mini tour on their work space.

We waited the shuttle bus of Teleperformance in front of SM Megamall, and alas! An instant ride going to their office. We got there at around past 12 in the morning. Unfortunately, the guard did not allow us to enter and we were told that visitors are prohibited. Wendel was surprised that time because what he knew is that visitors are allowed. Hehehe... we remembered our office trip in my bestfriend's Dell office in MoA, hehehe... di pa ka-level ng Teleperformance ang DELL... So the final trip that time was going to Wendel's crib and we spent some time on internet surfing and had our sleep at around 3 in the morning.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Album Downloads for August

Downloading music album is never been this good. My favorite hang out during weekends is Gloria Jeans Cafe in SM Megamall, free WiFi and the atmosphere is really cool and nice. Anyway, I have downloaded the following albums and they are all great!

1. Ciara - The Evolution : 18 songs with collaborations with 50 Cent and Chamillionaire. Mixture of dance and r&b songs.
2. Musiq Soulchild - Luvanmusiq : 12 songs and all were really cool songs! Love the Soul/R&B aspect of this album.

3. Fergie - The Dutchess : 16 songs with collaborations with Will.I.Am., Ludacris, Rita Marley, The I-Threes and of course Black Eyed Peas. This album contains 3 #1 hits.

4. Nelly Furtado - Loose : 15 songs with collaborations with Attitude, Timbaland and Juanes. It's genre is I think a collaboration of Pop, R&B and Dance but nevertheless, really cool album.

5. Kanye West - Graduation : There is a total of 15 songs and all were coll Rap/Hip Hop songs! It's nice hearing his songs again.

6. Tamia - Between Friends : 12 songs and it is also an album full of Soul/R&B songs. The ballad capability of Tamia is still there and a beat of the usual cool music.

7. Fantasia - Fantasia : Totally a cool album! Love this album. Her single 'When I See U' was #1 in R&B Chart for almost 2 months I think. The other songs were also groovy and definitely the R&B product of American Idol.

8. 50 Cent - Curtis : 17 songs with collaborations with Mary J Blige, Nicole Shcerzinger, Young Buck, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Robin Thicke, Akon and Eminem. Full of Rap/Hip songs tha will make you goove...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Guy @ AIM

Last week, Misys Core Banking Manager Guy Warren visited the Manila office and had a Town Hall meeting with the employees. The venue was in a conference hall in Asian Institute of Management in Paseo de Roxas.

It was a 15 minute walk from our office. The venue was okay but the food wasn't really nice. Walang fish!!!! Hehehe... Anyway, the meeting went great.

Guy Warren discussed some important things and points on how he is handling the management process of Core Banking division. He also discussed some product improvement and innovation. The questions from the employees were all interesting especially the one with 'Temenos' on the subject. I was really intrigued by that company, on how it is becoming a threat to our organization. Nevertheless, Misys is still the best and the world's biggest banking software provider... Hehehe...

The team was not complete because two our teammates were not in the meeting. But still the town hall meeting gave us Manila employees to hear it straight from our global manager on aspects and plans for the organization where I belong...

Lonely August

August was such a lonely movie month for me. I was able to watch only two movies despite the list of good movies for that month. It was because I became so busy with my work and my fitness... hehehe... Babawi ako this month!!!

1. A Love Story - a nice movie, oks naman sya. I was surprised by the twist of the story, si Maricel pala ang querida! Hehehe... I love the story actually, I think this is the first Pinoy film that I've watch this year... tama ba? Hehehe... Anyway, the actors were also great! Galing talaga ni Maricel... Hahaha... Maryo J gave us another masterpiece, I heard the movie earned almost Php150 Million. I just didn't like the acting of Angelica, I don't know why, mejo corny yung ibang scene. Also, di masyadong maganda ung ilang bed scenes nila, hehehe... But in totality, the movie made an excellent job in the story and the film editing was also great! I enjoyed watching this movie with my mom and my aunt. Did I cry while watching the movie? Hindi naman no!!! Hehehe...

2. The Invasion - This film is like the story format of Virus and 28 Days Later. I heard that this movie is a remake of an 80s film but I forgot the title. Anyway, the movie stars Nicole Kidman and Mr. Bond Daniel Craig (actually, they are also starring on the December 2007 movie 'The Golden Compass'). Loved the editing! But the phasing of the story was quite slow and the scenes were predictable. Still, the acting prowess of Nicole made a good impact in the movie. I just didn't like the ending, it was very simple. On the contrary, the directorial program was good especially the car scenes with Nicole and her son in the movie. The plot was familiar but the attack on each scenes were okay naman.

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