Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday ni Bunso

I hurried home last September 19 so that I can catch the Red Ribbon Bakeshop before it closes. Luckily, I was just on time and was able to buy cake for my sister's 15th birthday. The celebration was quite simple and we were totally happy that we have each other.

When I arrived home at around 9:30 in the evening, the foods were ready for me to eat... hehehe... My mother cooked spaghetti with beef as meat, chicken embutido, fried chicken and fried bangus and tilapia. I advised my mom not to cook any pork meat since I don't eat them. My sister Cherry bought 1 gallon of Nestle chocolate ice cream. Grabe dami ko nakain that time, pero minsan lang naman so okay pa rin, hehehe... The most important is that no pork and maintain the workout routine. Cake is not the gift for our bunso because last September 22, we went to SM Megamall because she was asking for new clothes so I bought clothes for her in Bench. Also she asked for some school supplies and fragrance... Haaaayyy...


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