Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lonely August

August was such a lonely movie month for me. I was able to watch only two movies despite the list of good movies for that month. It was because I became so busy with my work and my fitness... hehehe... Babawi ako this month!!!

1. A Love Story - a nice movie, oks naman sya. I was surprised by the twist of the story, si Maricel pala ang querida! Hehehe... I love the story actually, I think this is the first Pinoy film that I've watch this year... tama ba? Hehehe... Anyway, the actors were also great! Galing talaga ni Maricel... Hahaha... Maryo J gave us another masterpiece, I heard the movie earned almost Php150 Million. I just didn't like the acting of Angelica, I don't know why, mejo corny yung ibang scene. Also, di masyadong maganda ung ilang bed scenes nila, hehehe... But in totality, the movie made an excellent job in the story and the film editing was also great! I enjoyed watching this movie with my mom and my aunt. Did I cry while watching the movie? Hindi naman no!!! Hehehe...

2. The Invasion - This film is like the story format of Virus and 28 Days Later. I heard that this movie is a remake of an 80s film but I forgot the title. Anyway, the movie stars Nicole Kidman and Mr. Bond Daniel Craig (actually, they are also starring on the December 2007 movie 'The Golden Compass'). Loved the editing! But the phasing of the story was quite slow and the scenes were predictable. Still, the acting prowess of Nicole made a good impact in the movie. I just didn't like the ending, it was very simple. On the contrary, the directorial program was good especially the car scenes with Nicole and her son in the movie. The plot was familiar but the attack on each scenes were okay naman.


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