Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sabado Night

I was busy downloading mp3s last September 8, of course in Gloria Jeans Cafe in Megamall, when my obesefriend sent me YM message that he was so bored that time and wanted to do something because he is on leave until the next day. At first, the first plan was to go to breastfriend's house but she didn't want to. So the final result was a meeting place in Megamall. So I continued downloading songs while I was waiting them. They arrived at past 5pm and we had our dinner in Yellow Cab!

We ordered 14 inch pizza and two pastas! Whew!!! Grabe ang tatakaw namin. Before that dinner, the only food that I have eaten that day was a tuna sandwich and a coffee. Favorite ko talaga yung chicken Pasta ng Yellow Cab, masarap and medyo spicy. Good thing that I can still eat two slices of pizza that time because I was still hungry even I have already eaten lots of pasta... hehehe... After we ate, we walked around the mall for a while then headed to Starbucks.

There, we had of course coffee but no cake... kuripot si Wendel! hahaha!!! We were talking about on where to go after we finish our coffee because it was still so early that time, hmmm... around 10pm and we don't want to go home yet... hehehe... The final decision was to make a visit to Wendel's Teleperformance office in Tektite building in Ortigas. Our plan was to have a slight snack on their pantry and a mini tour on their work space.

We waited the shuttle bus of Teleperformance in front of SM Megamall, and alas! An instant ride going to their office. We got there at around past 12 in the morning. Unfortunately, the guard did not allow us to enter and we were told that visitors are prohibited. Wendel was surprised that time because what he knew is that visitors are allowed. Hehehe... we remembered our office trip in my bestfriend's Dell office in MoA, hehehe... di pa ka-level ng Teleperformance ang DELL... So the final trip that time was going to Wendel's crib and we spent some time on internet surfing and had our sleep at around 3 in the morning.


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